Paint Hit Review | Mobile

Paint HitA casual game by definition is a game that requires very little effort to learn and very little time needed for each playthrough. That’s probably;y why they’re so popular because you can literally just pick it up and play for a few minutes at a time while your waiting around for an appointment or sitting on the toilet. Even though I would consider myself a hardcore gamer, I still indulge in some casual gaming. One of the newest games I’m checking out is called Paint Hit and it pretty much fits that casual game description to a T.

In Paint Hit players shoot paint balls to color spinning towers over hundreds of increasingly challenging levels. With each paintball throw players color a part of the tower, making it increasingly difficult to hit uncolored portions with the next attempt. If a shot lands on an area of the tower that they’ve already painted, they lose the round. Accuracy is key here.

The game really isn’t very hard and is super easy to pick up. It’s one of those time waster games that kinda sucks you in as you complete level after level in quick 5 target waves. You get 5 lives to complete each wave, and in all likelihood, you’re going to beat it if you just take your time. That’s the key.

With that said, Paint Hit while it may seem challenging in concept, really isn’t. It’s super simple to play and if you just want a game to kill time that you know you can win at, give Paint Hit a go.

iTunes App Store: Paint Hit
Google Play Store: Paint Hit
Developer: MAG Interactive

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