PSA: Unlinking Fortnite From Your PSN Will Not Unlock Restricted Platforms


So you just picked up Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch and noticed that if you’ve been playing it on the PlayStation 4, you will not be allowed to link your account. That’s the problem tons of players discovered after trying to link their accounts yesterday upon Fortnite’s release on the Switch. The only option available to you is to create a new account. Or is it?

If you head over to the Epic Games site and log into your account and then go under “connected accounts”, you’ll notice that there’s a button there to connect your Nintendo Switch account. However, pressing that yields the next screen.

Oh man.

That’s pretty much the same message you get when trying to link your account on the Nintendo Switch itself. So, what happens then if you try to disconnect your PSN account, then connect your Nintendo Switch account and then try to link your PSN account again? Don’t do it.


As you can see, unlinking your PSN account does quite a bit of negative things to your account. For starters, all your progress from the PS4 will be reset on the Epic account. Also all purchases and earned game content will be reset as well. That means that even if you did link to Nintendo Switch after, it won’t have any of your data saved from the PS4. The last line seals the deal by stating “unlinking this service will NOT unlock restricted platforms.

So if you were like me looking for a workaround, there doesn’t seem to be one at all. Your only real option is to just suck it up and create a new account just for Nintendo Switch and every other platform except for PS4. At least with this new account, you’ll be able to play cross platform with PC, Xbox, and mobile.

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