Here They Lie – First 15 Minutes of Gameplay | PS4

Here They Lie is a PlayStation 4 / VR game released way back in 2016 by developers Tangentlemen ans SIE Santa Monica Studios.Here They Lie is a first person horror game that you can choose to play in either VR or not. Explore a nightmarish city while trying to uncover the mysteries behind the woman in yellow.

The reason I’m playing this now is that this is currently a PlayStation Plus free game title for the month of August 2018. Unbeknownst to me, I was not aware that this was a horror title and I downloaded and played the first 15 minutes of. I thought it was some kind of atmospheric environmental puzzle game and instead, I played something that made me super uneasy and I had to stop playing 15 minutes in. That’s not to say it’s a terrible game. It’s not. That’s just me being too chicken to play horror games.

I usually don’t play horror games for the main reason that they just disturb the crap out of me while playing them. It’s weird because I love watching scary movies, I just can’t play games that are scary. I think its the fact that with a movie, I’m just just a spectator whereas in a game, I actually have to participate.

With all that said, Here They Lie seems like a neat game for players who like playing horror games. I only played it on my TV and not with a PS VR, but I have a feeling this would be even scarier in VR, which would be a huge NOPE for me. The graphics are pretty good and the atmosphere is super dark and moody. It’s just not my thing because again, I’m a huge scaredy cat.


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