Colto Adds New Content to Highlights Shapes App | Mobile

Developer of the popular series of Highlights apps, Colto announced that there’s even more content now available in their multi award winning Highlights Shapes app. Two new worlds are joining the app in the form of Jurassic Journey and Savanna Safari, each will allow your kids to learn and practice matching, sorting, mixing and categorizing shapes and colors through imaginative activity.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Kids will benefit from:
• Development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills
• Curiosity as they explore new worlds of shapes, colors, and color mixing
• Learning to make predictions and understanding outcomes by discovering how primary colors mix together to form secondary colors
• Confidence as they make decisions and advance to new levels
• Learning key preschool and math skills like matching, sorting and classifying by shapes and colors
• Identifying and naming 11 shapes from circles to octagons, 11 primary and secondary colors and color mixing
• Development of fine motor skills
• Security of an ad-free environment

• 6 progressing levels of challenge:
o FREE Ancient Jungle Puzzle Pack – 4 shapes + 8 colors
o Magical Underwater Puzzle Pack – 8 shapes + 11 colors
o Mysterious Space Puzzle Pack – 11 shapes + 11 colors
o NEW Jurassic Journey Puzzle Pack –Introduce color mixing!
o NEW Savanna Safari Puzzle Pack – Expand on color mixing with even more colors!
o Optional FREE Sweet Arctic Puzzle Pack – 8 shapes + 11 colors
•Hilarious surprises and delights to engage preschool children along the way
•Track progress, skip and replay functions
•3 language options (US English, UK English, Spanish)

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