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Goya-MoveHow many of you out there have moderately lazy children who would rather sit on the couch all day texting, browsing, and playing games all day on their mobile devices? Especially these days when it seems like every kid out there has a mobile devices, it’s making it harder and harder to get them outside and moving around. That’s where an app like Goya-Move (Get Off Your Apps and Move) comes into play. This was developed as a parental control app that can not only limit the time your kids are on their devices, but also force them to meet certain step goals before they can even get back on their devices.

According to research from Pew Research Center, 54% of U.S. teens say they spend too much time on their cellphones, and two-thirds of parents express concern over their teen’s screen time. That is a pretty big problem as even with my kids, I sometimes see them on for hours at a time without ever moving. With the Goya-Move app, I can finally make them get off their devices and if they want to get back on, they’re going to have to do a little bit of work and meet some goals.

You start off by installing the app on the parent device along with installing it on your child’s device. Both use the same log in information but you set one as the parent and the rest as child accounts. The parent device obviously has all the control. With it, you can set black out times where your child cannot access certain apps for a certain period of time. You can set block lists for apps that can not be used unless goals are met. Lastly and most importantly, you can set their daily step goals that will unlock app usage when their goals are met.

How does Goya-Move track step goals? If you’re on Android it uses Google Fit as it’s step counter. Just make sure they the app has access to Google Fit info and that your child’s phone is set up to use Google Fit. Some activity trackers can also export their data to Google Fit so make sure that’s set up as well.

Of course your kids are probably going to hate this app at first but they might just thank you later if it means being able to join the real world again, at least for a little bit. For my kids, especially my son, sometimes I wouldn’t see him for hours at a time when he’s at home. With this app however, he actually emerges from his room and comes to hang out with or wants to go out and run errands with us because he can’t be on his phone 24/7 now. It might not be full on exercise, but I’m just glad he’s getting off his but.

With all that said, any parent who wants to give Goya-Move a try, I recommend giving it a go. It’s different from other parental control apps on mobile and the added feature of requiring steps in order to unlock app usage is a really unique and interesting feature. It’s a great way I think to get kids off their butts by making their mobile device usage a goal and reward.

iTunes App Store: Goya-Move
Google Play: Goya-Move
Developer: P-Ink Ventures


Take a Technology Time-Out
Get off your Apps… and MOVE!!

Goya-Move is an app designed to get children off their mobile devices and moving again. We allow the parent to set a daily or hourly step goal for their children.  The parent can block specific apps that will be timed out until the desired step goal is reached by the child.  No active playing or exercising, no apps!

Goya-Move offers many custom setup options for the parent to make their child’s goals obtainable, fun, or challenging. Once the step credits are accomplished, the selected blocked apps are then available.

Goya-Move software allows that parent to set children’s goals through the parent device. Once the goals are set, they are reflected on the child’s device. Goya-Move also allows the parent to see what apps are installed on their child’s phone by displaying their apps in the parent dashboard on the parent device.

There are other options that Goya-Move offers, including setting up Black-Out times for homework, bed time, family dinners etc.… Black out times override step goals and allow the parent to take control of their child’s screen.

Goya-Move is very innovative and scalable. We will be coming out with many new features regularly to ensure you have the most positive experience of getting your kids to take a Technology Timeout

Goya-Move was designed by parents for parents. We, the founders of Goya-Move are parents of a household of children. With the same problems we faced in our household, we learned those problems exist in yours as well. Our goal was not to punish our children by taking their phones away, rather teach them about screen time moderation and accountability. By taking our children’s phones away as punishment, we have now lost the ability to communicate with our children, track our children and give them access to a secure way to communicate in an escalated situation. Our patent pending app allows the parent to have full control of their children’s screen time while getting the children out moving and playing again! There are also many health-related benefits for your children by using this app for a healthier lifestyle.

Please enjoy our app and please share with your friends and family that also experience this epidemic problem. Thank You for choosing and trusting Goya-Move as your solution to getting your kids out and moving again!

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