This is Why You Need a Dash Cam

There was a time when I didn’t have a dash cam, but those days are long behind me. I’ve been running a dash cam now for years and while I’ve never had to use any footage from it, I mainly have it for peace of mind and for my own safety. While you might be the best driver in the world with a clean driving record, there’s another guy out there who’s the completely opposite and had probably been in more than a handful of fender benders. You can’t control what those people do, but at least you can protect yourself from their actions and have proof to show the police and your insurance company when things go wrong.

Take for instance the video above. This was taken in my wife’s car and while she wasn’t directly involved in this particular accident, she very well could have been. In situations like this, you get a clear view of exactly what happened and it’s no longer a he said, she said battle. This obviously is great for when the police arrive and even better when your insurance company starts asking questions.

With that said, there are dash cams out now available for any budget with a wide variety of features. There’s really no reason not to have one anymore especially if you know it will help you when you really need it.

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