Spider-Man | PS4 Review

By now, you’ve probably read every Spider-Man review out there and if you’re still not convinced that you should be playing it, then I don’t really know what else to tell you. Spider-Man is probably one of the best comic book superhero games ever to be made and is arguably one of the best single player games to grace the PlayStation 4. I would rank Spider-Man up there with the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War. It’s that good. The reason this review is coming so late is due to the fact that my son had first dibs on the game and I had to wait and because I wanted to 100% the entire game before putting any thoughts down in writing.

Spider-Man PS4


Let’s start off with presentation and that Insomniac Games really nailed down the whole look and feel of what a Spider-Man game should be. Spider-Man is an open world game set in “almost” real life New York. What I mean by that is Marvel’s version of New York. The island of Manhattan is huge and for the most part, seems to be an accurate representation. You’ll see familiar landmarks like the Empire State Building, Time Square, Central Park, and Radio City Music Hall, just to name a few. To fit Marvel’s universe however, you’ll see a few landmarks that only exist in their version of New York. You’ll see Avenger’s Tower, the Rand building, OSCORP, and even Dr. Strange’s New York Sanctum. It’s very impressive what they’ve done and it’s definitely worth exploring the city if you want a break from crime fighting.

Forget what you’ve read about supposed graphic downgrades. Graphically, Spider-Man is beautiful. I’m not one to nitpick a few missing puddles, but this is one of the most amazing looking games on PS4 right now. We’re talking about a very large city with buildings that reach to the sky, traffic littering every street, and actual people walking around. There’s so much going on that I can’t believe there isn’t any lag or loading screens while swinging through the city. Everything is just so detailed and yet, the game runs butter smooth. It blows my mind.

That takes me to audio next and I think the developers have really captured the essence of Spider-Man. The voice acting in this game is top notch. Everyone just sounds like how I’d imagine they would sound and with the personalities to match. Even characters who just show up briefly are given the royal treatment. Lastly, let’s not forget the soundtrack which has that blockbuster movie quality feeling to it.


This is where Spider-Man really shines. Somehow the developers were able to capture the athleticism and speed that Spider-Man is known for. This isn’t just basic combat. There are literally tons of different moves and combos to unlock and you can pretty much combine them in a variety of different ways. What amazes me is just how fluid everything is and how all the moves just flow together so naturally. Whether you’re using physical attacks, your web shooters, or Spidey gadgets, it all just seems to work. I also love the fact that you can choose to either play through a lot of scenarios either stealthy or full on punch mode. There’s honestly not much to dislike about it.

Aside from just the combat, there are quite a bit of things to do in the game. You could possibly beat the game quickly by just going straight through the story, but why would you do that when there’s so much more included. There are tons of side missions, challenges, bases to conquer, crimes to stop, and even items to collect. There’s so much extra stuff that will take you days to complete. You’ll have to do them too if you want to unlock all the extra costumes, gadgets, and skills.

Lastly, this was just recently added, but Spider-Man does have a New Game+ mode now that allows you to replay the entire game on a higher difficulty setting (Ultimate) and with all your unlocked costumes, skill, and gadgets intact. You even get to keep all the tokens collected and can add to them in the new playthrough. There’s even DLC content coming out to further extend the game.

Spider-Man PS4

Final Thoughts

Spider-Man is simply a joy to play. I never once got tired of completing side quests or stopping the occasional crime. I do however suggest playing this on Superior mode for more of a challenge. If you’re just trophy hunting though, difficulty setting does not affect you getting the platinum.

Overall, I highly recommend Spider-Man. It has a great story, amazing graphics, and above all, some very addictive and fluid gameplay.

By the way, those who don’t own a PlayStation 4 who are wondering why they can’t find it for other platforms, the answer is simple. You can’t. It’s exclusive to the PS4 and while that might tick off a bunch of you out there, it’s just another reason in a long list of reasons why the PS4 has been so popular this generation.

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