ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Developed by Radial Games, ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is a fast paced, aerial shooter with neon induced graphics.

Featuring local-versus-play perfect for the Switch, ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS on the Nintendo Switch also sees the addition of new rockets you can fly, new AI to battle against, new maps, and more single player content. This is in addition to the ever-popular Zen Mode where Rockets can learn to love in glorious co-op.

Key Features

  • ROCKETS! We feature on the finest interstellar vehicles.
  • Local Versus Multiplayer – Get your fellow rocketeers together, we’re going to BLOW THINGS UP!
  • Underdog Mode – A flock of rockets versus the lone rebel. Amongst all the friendly fire, will you rocket to the top?
  • Team Play – Every rocket needs a partner!
  • Stanley – This is a story of a rocket named Stanley. Meet the AI Rocket that thinks he has free will, and meet the rockets he will relentlessly fire at YOUR rocket.
  • Cool Light Trails – These are some classy rockets that are a lot of fun to fly.

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