Solo NY Boyd Backpack Review

Solo NY Boyd Backpack

I’m back with another backpack review and just like before, I’m going to just get straight to the point. You need a backpack. Whether it’s for daily use or for travel, a backpack to me is one of the most useful items you can have to carry all your stuff. The issue for most though is finding the right backpack that fits your needs and usually, it’s not just one. I have multiple backpacks for different situations and that’s perfectly acceptable in my book. Today I’m looking at the Solo NY Boyd backpack which is part of their Highland Collection. This is the second Solo NY bag I’ve looked at this year and unlike the Draft one, the Boyd has more storage space and a more upscale look and feel due to the materials used.

Solo NY Boyd Backpack

One of the most distinctive features about the Solo NY Boyd that caught my attention first is the seriously attractive waxed canvas body. It’s got a plaid pattern with muted earthy colors and actually feels really soft and high end. On top of that, there are black leather-like accents for that added bit of luxuriousness that really helps the Solo NY Boyd stand out. This is a quality bag and you can really tell on first glance.

Solo NY Boyd Backpack

Moving on to the main storage compartment, it is fairly large with a large zippered opening. That means you don’t have to struggle to get larger items into it. Inside you’ll find a dedicated laptop pocket that is also fully padded for protection. There’s also a separate dedicated tablet pocket as well as several little organizational pockets that appear to be for things like cards or smaller items.

Solo NY Boyd Backpack

On the outside there are two zippered pockets. One is a small pocket near the top for quick access items. This includes your wallet, phone, etc. There’s plenty of space here for large phones and the pocket itself seems fairly deep. The second pocket is much bigger and can be used to hold a wide variety of items. It too has organizational pockets built in for pens, notepads, etc. It’s a pretty big pocket so you can fit quite a bit in there.

On the sides, there are two bottle holders. When not in use they sit flat but when you need to use them, they stretch to accommodate different bottle sizes.

Solo NY Boyd Backpack

Lastly, let’s get the back of the bag where the straps are. The shoulder straps are nice and wide with a good amount of padding. Included on the shoulder straps are adjustable chest straps. The back part of the Boyd backpack is also padded for comfort.. You’ll notice too that there is an opening from top to bottom on the back. This back panel can slide over luggage handle, so if you need a break, you can carry with with your luggage.

Solo NY Boyd Backpack

Overall, I would say the Solo NY Boyd has to be in my top 5 list of all time favorite backpacks. Sure I appreciate the fact that it has a lot of storage space, plenty of pockets, and uses quality materials, but what I’m really digging about it is the looks. This thing just looks so good with a pattern you don’t normally see on many backpacks. This isn’t a solid color backpack like I would normally use so I appreciate that it’s different from my norm. With that said, the Solo NY Boyd backpack is definitely one I’m going to start using daily and take with me on travels. It’s got the right mix of everything I need as well as eye catching style.

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