Wicked Audio Hum 1000 Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones Review

Wicked Audio Hum 1000

When it comes to high end headphones, Wicked Audio usually isn’t a name associated with that. They’re better known for great sound at an affordable price. That usually means a some trade-offs when it comes to build and materials used. That means plastic. However, their new Wicked Audio Hum 1000 bucks that trend with a headphone what is not only wireless and featuring Active Noise Cancellation, but one that actually feels solid and well made.

Wicked Audio Hum 1000


This is the truth when I say this, the Wicked Audio Hum 1000 is the best Wicked Audio headphone I’ve seen from them. This feels like a much better made headphone then some of their previous models. It still utilizes mostly a plastic design, but it feels much more solid and of a much higher quality. Part of it is probably due to the soft touch coating which gives it a better look then just straight up raw plastic.

Up top, there’s a large Wicked Audio logo across the band in glossy black which is a nice contrast to the flat black color of the headphones. Also on top, the band is generously padded for comfort utilizing soft-touch cushions. The same goes for the ear pads that are thick and hug the outside of your ears creating a nice seal between them and the outside world.

While most of the Wicked Audio Hum 1000 is made of plastic, the size adjusters are not and are actually made of metal. They have a nice click to them when pulled in and out which means they should keep whatever size you want them at when in use.

Wicked Audio Hum 1000

There are some really nice buttons on this thing. They have a nice tactile feel to them so you can find them quickly and the Active Noise Cancellation switch is sitting off on its own so you’ll never get confused about where it is.

Lastly, the Wicked Audio Hum 1000 folds flat and can be stored in its included EVA travel case. This isn’t some cheapy case either. This case is solid and will protect these headphones quite well against all manners of abuse. There’s even a really cool Wicked Audio logo embossed up front.

Wicked Audio Hum 1000

Sound Quality

Here’s where Wicked Audio usually shines. It’s not uncommon for most of their headphones to have a great sound, despite the inexpensive pricing. The Wicked Audio Hum 1000 is no different. With the noise cancellation off, you get a nice balanced sound out of its 40mm drivers. You get crisp, clear highs and very deep, pronounced bass. Full sized headphones usually give you that nice balance that isn’t biased towards the high or low end.

I threw a bunch of different music genres at the Wicked Audio Hum 1000 and they all sounded great. Songs with lots of bass really felt deep and thumpy while songs that focused on vocals and instrumentals were super clear and sharp.

With the Active Noise Cancellation on, the audio the audio sounds a little louder, the highs sound a bit clearer, and overall sounds like you’re in a room all by yourself with nothing but the musicians playing just for you. It really does reduces a lot of the outside hum and white noise you’d normally hear. That makes these perfect for long plane rides or if you just want to get away from the outside world for a bit.

Wicked Audio Hum 1000

Final Thoughts

The Wicked Audio Hum 1000 is the perfect example of why you don’t need to spend hundreds on headphones with Active Noise Cancellation. These are probably the first almost perfect set of Wicked Audio headphones I’ve used from them. These are really well made with materials that feel a notch up from what they usually use. They don’t feel toy-like at all even though they’re pretty lightweight. Part of that has to do with just how sturdy and solid these feel. They are also super comfortable to wear thanks to the generous amounts of cushioning.

In terms of sound, the Wicked Audio Hum 1000 are pretty amazing with great audio reproduction. There’s a good range you can hear with crisp highs and deep, booming bass. With the help of Active Noise Cancellation, you can further enjoy your music by drowning out a good portion of outside sounds.

Lastly, these are full rechargeable and last about 13.5 hours on a single charge. Charging takes about 2 hours to reach full capacity. As a bonus, these also include a mic so if a call comes through while your jamming out, you can totally pick up the call and talk while these are still on.

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