snakebtye GAME:PAD 4 S Wireless Camouflage PS4 Controller Review

snakebtye GAME:PAD 4 S Wireless Camouflage

When it comes to controllers for my consoles, I usually stick to what works and for the most parts, that’s 1st party controllers. On the PlayStation 4, I’ve used nothing but the tried and true, DualShock 4. While the original DualShock 4 had its issues with the thumbstick pads degrading with heavy use, the updated ones are much better and for the most part, perfect. So if these are so great, why would you ever want to use a 3rd party controller? The answer to that is price and because you might not be too happy with the way the DualShock 4 is shaped. Enter snakebyte’s new GAME:PAD 4 S Wireless Camouflage controller for the PS4 that hits both those two points.

First lets start with the design of the GAME:PAD 4 S. You’ll notice that it’s not shaped like the DualShock 4. Instead it looks more like the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It’s not quite as wide as the DualShock 4 but the body is a bit beefier. The layout of the thumbsticks and analog pad is the same the PS4 layout as are the four action buttons. What struck me as unique on these is that they actually say Circle, Cross, Triangle, and Square instead of using the symbols. They even have their own unique colored ring around each button. Back to the thumbsticks, these are a bit longer than the DualShock 4 ones but feel just as springy and firm.

snakebtye GAME:PAD 4 S Wireless Camouflage

The center touchpad however is the most different as you’ll notice just how much smaller it is than the regular DualShock 4 pad. The Share and Options buttons lay under the touchpad too instead of flanking its sides. The PS Button just has a symbol of a house on it, but lights up in color depending on what you’re doing.

Since this is a wireless controller, it had a built in rechargeable battery and can use the same micro-USB cable as your standard controllers. It does come with one though in case you need it. You’ll also need this to perform firmware updates if needed via your PC or Mac.

snakebtye GAME:PAD 4 S Wireless Camouflage

Lastly, the triggers and shoulder buttons have a slightly different feel to them. The triggers for instance are a bit more firm with more resistance while the shoulder buttons seems a bit longer and closer to the edge of the controller. This makes it so you can actually tap the shoulder buttons with the side of your fingers, which does make it a bit quicker. Not sure if this is better or not but ultimately it comes down to your preference.

In terms of functionality, the snakebtye GAME:PAD 4 S Wireless Camouflage works pretty much exactly like your standard DualShock 4 controller. It even has dual vibration rumble motors. It is missing something thing though, but you might not even notice it’s missing until you play a game that uses it. It doesn’t have a built in speaker, so for games like GTAV, you won’t hear the sounds coming out of the controller. That may be a big deal for you if it’s a feature you depend on. Or maybe not.

snakebtye GAME:PAD 4 S Wireless Camouflage

The snakebyte GAME:PAD 4 S Wireless Camouflage controller is actually quite good for a 3rd party controller. Despite it not really being a fully licensed PS4 controller, it seems to work pretty flawlessly so far with the latest PS4 firmware. Everything works as it should and the controller feels pretty good in my hands. Speaking of which, my daughter who still has small hands says it fits her much better than the DualShock 4 controller does, so that’s something to think about too. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed the snakebtye GAME:PAD 4 S Wireless Camouflage. It’s a fantastic alternative to the PS4 DualShock 4 that costs less while still retaining most of the features. Not to mention some might like the different controller shape that this offers.

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