Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Beta Starts Today | First 15 Minutes | PS4

The Division 2 Beta

The original Tom Clancy’s The Division was an excellent game. While it had its issues at the beginning, it was still very fun to play and a lot of the issues did end up being fixed. With the Division 2, Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment hope to build on that successful formula with a whole new location for players to explore.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 takes place in Washington DC, not too far from New York, but this change in location does change the look of the game from the first. Areas seem to be more open now and less congested so this might require a change in strategy over the first game. Aside from that, the gun play seems as great as ever and the cover system is still a dream to use.

I’m not going to talk to much really about the Beta yet as I’ve only scratched the surface of it. I will say that so far, I like what I see. The story already has me intrigued, but I wasn’t expecting anything less from it.

Also, this is already the 2nd big named game with a Beta that has come out this month. The first one being Anthem. I did play that and while the gameplay was pretty good and solid, there were many elements of the game that I found quite boring. The story being the main thing and I just didn’t feel like there was any real reason for me to be doing what I was doing. Whereas in The Division 2, the demo has already given me a clear reason why I’m there and I’m hooked. In my opinion, a game needs to give you a reason to play, a reason to do what you’re doing. The Division 2 has made that loud and clear. Anthem, not so much.

If I had to invest my time in one of those games, I think it would be in The Division 2.

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