The Blackout Club Launches on PC and PS4, July 30th | Trailer

Looking for a nightmarish co-op stealth game with a dash of survival thrown in? Look no further than Question’s upcoming game, The Blackout Club. Set to launch on July 30th for PC and PS4, The Blackout Club is a unique mystery game filled with exploration and a deep story.

In The Blackout Club, your friend has gone missing. Something is amiss in the town of Redacre and the adults aren’t listening. What lies under the streets of Redacre? It’s up to you to find out.

The boogeyman known as Angel looks over Redacre. All-seeing as the adults report the sins of the youth trying to unveil the cultist activities happening in the town. Those committing the most faults are hunted by this entity, which is only visible when you close your eyes. Players must work together to help save their missing friend and uncover the truth about what is happening under the surface of this sleepy town.

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