Limited Edition SEIKO x Monster Hunter Watches

Monster Hunter SEIKO

Apparently SEIKO has teamed up with Capcom to create these limited edition SEIKO x Monster Hunter watches in honor of the franchise’s 15th Anniversary. There will be three styles available and each is modeled after fan favorite monsters Zinogre, Rathalos, and Nergigante. What’s incredibly cool is the fact that the leather watchbands were created to look like they were created from the skins of those monsters. There’s even special engraving on the back.

If you want you own, you’ll need to hunt one down. I don’t believe this collection is heading to the US, but they’ll be on sale in Japan for 50,000 Yen. I believe they’re limited to around 1000 units each.

Monster Hunter SEIKO

Monster Hunter SEIKO

Monster Hunter SEIKO

[SEIKO Selection]


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