GRID Coming October 11th – Check Out the Official Launch Trailer

Codemasters released a brand new launch trailer for their upcoming racing simulation, GRID. In it, you’ll witness the multitude of different races showing off multiple car classes on some of the most challenging track and street circuits across the globe.

At launch, GRID will deliver non-stop race action across 104 events including challenges against Fernando Alonso and his FA Racing Esports team. Players will enter the GRID World Series ready to compete against long-time in-game rivals, Ravenwest. The competition and rivalry grow as you race wheel-to-wheel, muscling for position against opponents, and ultimately creating an on-track Nemesis who will stalk your every turn, waiting for their chance to take you down.

With accessibility and choice at its core, GRID players have access to four cities, eight circuits with over 80 racing routes. Featuring over 400 AI personalities ranging from calm to aggressive and measured to unpredictable, every race will feel unique and alive.

GRID releases on October 11th on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X and Windows PC (via Steam).

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