PS4 Remote Play for Android 9 and Below is Disappointing – No Controller Support

Remote Play Fail

I love the Remote Play feature for the PlayStation 4. I’ve been using it since the beginning on a PS Vita, then later on Sony Xperia devices and then on my Windows PC. What made it great was the inclusion of DualShock 4 support which let you use the actual controller to play (except for the PS Vita). On mobile, especially Android, it was limited to Sony Xperia flagship devices which featured full controller support since Android 5.0.

With the recent release of Firmware 7.00 on PS4 and the new Remote Play app, it now works on all Android devices from Android 5.0 and up. However, the Dualshock 4 controller is not supported on anything other than Android 10. That means that unless you have a Pixel device on Android 10, you’re screwed. I’m looking at about 99% of you out there who can’t use Remote Play to its full potential.

I thought maybe it was a Bluetooth issue so I tried to use the Dualshock 4 controller with a cable and that’s how I got the message above in the photo. I even tried using a third party controller like the SteelSeries one and still no go. So as of right now, you’re stuck using Remote Play with the onscreen touch controller and it is an absolute dismal experience. It’s ok for simple games but if you’re trying to play Borderlands 3 on the go, forget it.

That’s sad. I’m not sure why Sony chose to go this route by limiting it to Android 10, considering controller support has been included on Xperia devices since 2014 so not sure why they couldn’t get it functioning on at least Android 8 and up. Hopefully Sony will see the error of their ways and reduce the requirements needed for controller use.

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