Call of Duty Mobile | Review

Call of Duty MobileIf there’s one game that’s synonymous with online PvP multiplayer, it’s Call of Duty. While I know there are other multiplayer games I could have answered with, Call of Duty is one of those games that always comes to mind. On mobile, the Call of Duty franchise was never present and instead a slew of clones have been on there reaping the benefits. Not any more. Call of Duty is finally available on mobile and from what I’ve played so far, it’s very true to the series with the addition of an extra battle royale mode.

The meat of Call of Duty is its multiplayer PvP mode. There isn’t a single player story. Multiplayer is what makes CoD popular and multiplayer is all you get. That’s fine by me because that’s pretty much 90% of what you play anyways after completing the story mode on the console version. They didn’t skimp on multiplayer modes either as all the popular CoD modes are here. There’s Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search & Destroy, and Frontline. There’s even a practice mode with AI.

Frontline is the default and what you start with and it’s like traditional Team Deathmatch except you always respawn at the same location when you die. I actually prefer this as you aren’t always disoriented with where you are when you respawn. If you prefer something more traditional, it’s just plain Team Deathmatch. The other modes are more specialized.

There is a free-for-all mode coming and it was playable during a test period, but it’s not something that’s readily choosable right now.

Controls are all touch. You can’t use a Bluetooth controller so you’ll have to play like everyone else. Luckily there are two control modes – simple and advanced. Simple is the way to go as it automatically shoots your weapon for you if you however your cross hairs over an enemy. To make shooting more accurate, you can also aim down the sights (ADS) and you’ll also shoot automatically this way. ADS is much more accurate than shooting from the hip. Advanced controls do give you a bit more control, but trying to shoot and aim with one thumb is very difficult. Just know that the controls are highly customizable so you’re not really limited to just the defaults.

Gameplay is pretty good and once you get accustomed to the controls, you’ll be playing like a Call of Duty veteran. The matches are fast paced just like on console and you can even chat with your teammates, though I mute it as more times than not, it’s a random child talking.

Aside from the gameplay are “features” that come with being a free-to-play game. There are daily rewards for logging in. There are loot chests, as well as in-game currency you earn to buy items in the store. Of course you can also spend real money to buy in-app currency. The highest in-app purchase you can make is $99.99 for 8000 coins. Parents should make note of that and monitor this just in case you don’t want to see a $100 bill on your credit card.

With that said, I’m actually really enjoying Call of Duty Mobile, which is odd because I haven’t played a Call of Duty game in years. They did a really good job translating this to mobile and it’s a fun thing to pick up and play as matches usually go by pretty quickly.

Google Play Link: Call of Duty Mobile
Apple App Store Link: Call of Duty Mobile



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