Amazfit App | Mobile Review

AmazfitFitness bands and smartwatches are a great way to keep track of your daily activity and help you stay fit, however those devices are only as good as their companion app. That’s probably why devices like the Fitbit are so popular because its companion app is so feature packed and connects with a multitude of other activity apps. Plus its constantly being updated with new features. So how does something like the Amazfit app stack up, considering they are one of the most popular wearable manufactures in the world, even if you might not have heard of them.

I have actually looked at several Amazfit smartwatches and all of them have used this app. Over the years the app has evolved and been upgraded with new features. This version of the app I’m looking at was upgraded when I looked at the latest Amazfit GTR smartwatch which you can read about here. You’ll need this app if you want to set up their smartwatches properly as well as using them to their full potential.

Like most of these fitness geared smartwatches, the Amazfit app keeps track of all the data your Amazfit watch collects. You will need to create an Amazfit account so your data can sync with the cloud. There are several was to sign in so that’s a plus. I usually choose making a dedicated account with my email as I sometimes don’t like having my social networks or Google account being my logins on 3rd party sites.

You’ll need to pair your wearable you’re using and perform an update if there is one for it. It’ll usually do a check each time you open up the app. Don’t forget to have your wearable near your device while you do this.

Once that’s done, you’ll see that the app itself is very clean with the first screen being your status. It’ll show you how many steps you’ve taken since it synced your data from the smartwatch, any sleep data from that night, your heart rate, your current weight that you have entered, as well as any activity data you have performed. It’s pretty basic stuff that most fitness tracking apps should have. Clicking each of those stats will allow you to see the data with more detail as well as all the historical data relevant to it.

There’s a Friends tab at the bottom where you can add friends who also have Amazfit wearables  so that you can compare data against them. You add friends vie QR codes displayed on your device.

Lastly there’s a Profile tab where you can view all the devices, adjust goals, and other settings. It’s here too where you would tap your wearable to adjust those settings and change watch faces. You can also connect different accounts here from other apps, but the selection is too small to be useful. Of note is that the Amazfit app only seems to allow syncing between one device at a time so whenever yu switch wearables, make sure you tell the app which one you’re using.

In terms of apps go, the Amazfit app is actually pretty good except for a few omissions that still need to be addressed, even after the years it has been out. It still missing account syncing with many popular apps like MyFitnessPal or even Google Fit. There is Strava, but in my past tests, it never really worked correctly. Without these other apps to sync to, your data is pretty much stuck in the Amazfit app. That’s ok if you don’t use anything else but I’m sure most of you out there have multiple apps you use and would like a way to collect all that data in one place or be able to import and export data. That’s really the one flaw with the Amazfit app and one that I really wish would be corrected in the future.

Google Play Link: Amazfit
Apple App Store: Amazfit



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