PS4 Remote Play | Android Review

PS4 Remote Play on Android technically has been around for a few years now, but not really officially. What was once a Sony Xperia exclusive, you could get Remote Play working on a non Sony device by using a cracked .apk file which allowed for full functionality including Bluetooth controller support. That of course didn’t last very long and soon afterwards, you had to root your device to really get it working properly. A flagship Xperia was still the best way to go, but that’s not the case anymore. Now any Android 5.0 and up device can make use of Remote Play but only those with Android 10 can use a controller with it.

I don’t have an Android 10 device and instead have a bunch of Android 9 Pie phones and one Xperia 1 phone to test this app on. Let’s start with the non-Sony devices. These can all run Remote Play but in a less than ideal way. Connection is simple as you just need your PS4 login credentials and make sure the PS4 you want to Remote Play on is your main machine. As long as you have a good network connection, there will be minimal lag and it should just work as expected.

You’ll see an exact copy on your device screen as you would see on your television. With Android 9 and below, you’ll be forced to only use the virtual touch controller in either landscape or portrait mode. While the touch controller is a good replica of the PS4 controller’s layout, it’s very difficult to use for more advanced games that make use of the shoulder and trigger buttons. That the main issue with this. While you can get away with some simpler games, games like Borderlands 3, Destiny 2, or any FPS just aren’t going to be a fun experience this way.

Of course if you have a Sony Xperia flagship like the Xperia 1, or any Android 10 device, you can sync your DualShock controller to it. This is the more ideal way to use Remote Play as it’ll be like playing on a tiny portable PS4.

With that said, I think it’s great Sony finally released Remote Play for all to use on Android. Now you can pretty much use Remote Play on any device to enjoy your PS4 on the go. It does suck a bit that lower model Android devices can’t use a physical controller, but if you’re lucky enough to have an Android 10 device, you’re golden.

Google Play Link: PS4 Remote Play


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