House of Golf is a Must Play For Nintendo Switch | Review

House of Golf

I’m usually not a fan of sports video games. I find that if you’re not playing with live opponents, they can be quite boring. However, there is one genre that I’ve always been fond of and that’s golf. It could be that I’m just not very good at real life golf (aside from mini golf) and playing video game golf makes me feel like I’m Tiger Woods good. I’ve always been a fan of golf simulators, arcade style golf, and even mini golf games. Maybe I’m just a weirdo but I’ve always found them to be quite fun and relaxing. That’s why when I heard about House of Golf by Atomicon, I had to give the game a go.

House of Golf

House of Golf isn’t your run of the mill golf game. It’s mini golf but instead of outdoor courses like traditional mini golf, these courses are made with every day items you’d find at home. It’s reminiscent of a simpler era, at least for us older folk when we used to actually build stuff like forts and race tracks for our Hot Wheels with couch cushions and kitchen appliances. Kids just don’t do that anymore. Each of the 135 levels are created with that same level of imagination which is what makes House of Golf so intriguing.

House of Golf

There are two modes you can play in House of Golf. There’s Single Hole mode and Championship mode. Single Hole mode allows you to play each individual hole on its own while Championship Mode allows you to play a full 9-holes at a time. There are five different areas you can play in and each has three different 9-hole courses. That means there’s a lot of golf you can play.

Graphically, the game looks fantastic. Everything is so colorful and lifelike. It’s very well done and was one of the things that drew me to the game in the beginning.

In terms of gameplay, House of Golf pretty much plays like most other golf games. You aim with the left stick and and shoot with the A button. You have to hold down the A button to tell it how hard you want to hit the ball and then let go to send it flying. What’s helpful here is you do get a faint line that shows you where you’re aiming.

There are some little issues however that make House of Golf a bit less perfect. One major issue for me is the lack of precision aiming. You aim with the left stick but the pointer sensitivity is too high. There’s no way of aiming in a more precise manner. That can make some shots kind of tricky where you’ll need to adjust and readjust to get that perfect line.

Despite that issue, House of Golf is super fun and even more fun when you have friends to play with locally. You can play with up to six people so this makes a wonderful party game. There are plenty of levels so you won’t have to play the same ones over and over again and there’s a good variety too which keeps things challenging. Lastly, you can also complete little mini challenges that unlock different balls you can use.

On that note, House of Golf can only be experienced on the Nintendo Switch.

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