One Person Story for Nintendo Switch | Review

One Person Story

I’m a big fan of indie games. I’m not saying that to sound hip or cool but because I genuinely think they’re fun and unique. Indie developers are not afraid to try new things and often come up with games that are so different that you just can’t help but enjoy them. That’s the feeling I got when I played Lampogolovii’s One Person Story for the Nintendo Switch.

One Person Story is a puzzle game, but not like any puzzle games you’ve played. This is a heavily story intensive puzzle game, meaning that the story only progresses when solve each power. This game is a personal story. The story in which elements represent life situations. Sometimes we feel pain like the game character destroyed by spikes. Friends always help, the doors stop our movement, and we must think and resolve all difficulties. That’s pretty much the gist of it. The puzzles are a metaphor for life, which is what the story really is about. Each puzzle mimics situations that a certain part of the story is telling.

The puzzle elements in One Person Story range from simplistic to very difficult.Each level requires you to move your bouncing ball from the start point to the finish point. Basically you just need to figure out how to get you ball to the end. As you progress, the game adds new elements to each puzzle and you just need to figure out how to best utilize those elements. I’m not going to spoil things for you but there will be a lot of trial and error involved with some levels requiring you to retry them numerous times.

There are around 100 puzzles you must complete to finish the game. You will want to finish the game straight through and in order as the story itself is very linear and pretty much requires that you play them all in order.

Graphically, One Person Story has a simplistic art style that is meant to be very minimalist. You can see for yourself in the pictures what most of the game will be like. There are near little illustrations that accompany most of the levels that helps drive in the point of the narrator. While very simple, the art style lends itself well to the nature of the game and the puzzles. The audio is also quite good with a very relaxing soundtrack and mull voice narrations.

One Person Story is a rather interesting game. The deep story combined with the puzzling element makes the game a unique experience. However, it’s not very long and took me about 2-days of on and off play to complete it. On the plus side, the game isn’t very expensive to pick up so if you’re looking for a really unique puzzle game, you might want to check out One Person Story.

Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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