HORI DuraFlexi Protector for Nintendo Switch Lite | Review

HORI DuraFlexi Protector Nintendo Switch Lite

I finally picked myself up a Nintendo Switch Lite, but not just any Nintendo Switch Lite. I picked up the Zacian and Zamazenta Edition. This beauty comes in a limited edition color with the two Pokémon displayed proudly on the rear. Because of this, I wanted to get a case that would protect my new Nintendo Switch Lite while also showing off its natural beauty. That meant picking up a clear case that looked good and fit correctly. After some research, I decided to go with the officially licensed, HORI DuraFlexi Protector.

The HORI DuraFlexi Protector is made specifically for the Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s made of tough TPU material. It’s a material that rigid, yet still flexible but not as soft and mushy as silicone is. That’s important because once you put it on the Nintendo Switch Lite, it sits very firm and snug and won’t sag like silicone cases do. Once it’s on, it stays on and won’t shift around.

HORI DuraFlexi Protector Nintendo Switch Lite

In addition to providing protection, the HORI DuraFlexi Protector provides much needed grip while holding your Switch Lite. It makes it much easier to hold and does add a tiny bit of girth.In case your wondering, the case also has all the correct cutouts for all the little ports, speakers, vents, and buttons.

So was this a good buy? I’d have to say so. The HORI DuraFlexi Protector provides almost complete protection for the Nintendo Switch Lite. All the corners are pretty well protected as is most of the entire back. The front is also semi protected since the case wraps around the top edge a bit. All in all, I’m very happy with this purchase and it makes playing with my Nintendo Switch Lite that much more enjoyable because I don’t have to worry anymore about getting the finish all dirty or having the Switch get all banged up. Now I can preserve the original beauty of it and not have to baby it as much anymore.

Next up, need to find a good screen protector and a carrying case for the Switch Lite and games.

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