Bee Simulator Isn’t Just About Collecting Pollen on Nintendo Switch | Review

Bee Simulator

Ever wondered what bring a bee would be like, living life as part of a larger colony in which every bee plays a vital role? That’s basically what Bee Simulator is, by VAVSAV Games Studios.

See the world through the eyes of a bee in Bee Simulator. In a world inspired by iconic Central Park in New York, you play as a pollinator bee who has set up home with the rest of your colony in one of the park’s trees. Your life is turned upside down one day when humans decide to cut down your tree. The fate of your hive is thrust into your tiny hands.

In Bee Simulator, you start off the game as a newly born bee that must learn how to survive and become a productive part of the colony. You’ll learn first hand how to do common bee things like collect pollen, defend the hive, and help your fellow bees. In fact, there are a lot of things to do in this game and luckily, there are plenty of tutorials to get you started and teach you the ways of the bee. Because you’re a bee, everything seems so vast and huge. Not only that, you aren’t confined to just movement in an X, and Y axis. You can also move along the Z axis up and down. This gives the game a huge space to move around in and really does give you the sensation of being a tiny insect in a huge world.

So what exactly is this game about? Well, think of it like this. It’s really an open world game in a park.  You basically have to follow your queen’s bidding and do what you were born to do and that’s collect pollen. Although along the way, things change and you start to question your position in life.

Bee Simulator

Like any other open world game you’ve played, there are main quests to follow and complete as well as optional side quests and challenges. Not only that, you’re free to explore as much of the world as you like. You can interact with other insects you come across while the larger animals and humans don’t pay much attention to you. There are open challenges scattered around the world you can complete such as races, dance battles, and even battles against enemies like wasps and hornets.

I won’t get too much into the story, past that but just know it’s a very family friendly story that’s fun for players of all ages. Also, you can play split screen with Bee Simulator what way you can enjoy the game with your kids or anyone else who wants to experience what it’s like to be a bee.

Bee Simulator

Graphically, Bee Simulator is a very good looking game. From the very moment you start it up, you can see how much time and love they poured into making this look as good as they could.  The cut scenes are very well done and the in-game graphics are terrific, especially for the Switch. For example, plants all have individual leaves, there are individual blades of grass, and basically all the flowers look very pretty and realistic. Animals look fairly good, though not as good as the insects look. The best looking parts of Bee Simulator are the environments and of course the bees.

The audio is also quite good here will full audio narration and voice acting. The music is also has a very relaxing tone to it as well.

Bee Simulator

Aside from the game itself, you can unlock extras while playing, such as extra skins for your bee, a glossary full of information you can unlock about the different animals, insects, and plants you come across, and a whole bunch of challenges to complete.

Bee Simulator is a rather interesting game to say the least. While there is a linear story you must follow to progress, you can explore the open world to your heart’s content. There’s a lot to see and interact with and it’s actually quite relaxing just buzzing around.  With that said, it’s honestly not the type of game I would have normally played but I really enjoyed Bee Simulator and so did my kids. There’s just something special about seeing the world from the perspective of something so small and everything becomes larger than life.

Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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