Into the Dead 2 Makes Killing Zombies More Casual on the Nintendo Switch | Review

Into the Dead 2

I’m a fan of zombie games. I don’t care that the whole zombie genre has been over used to death and their showing up in all sorts of things they shouldn’t be. There’s just something about the undead that has always fascinated me. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t feel bad about re-killing something that is already dead (or is that undead) and has no human emotions or feelings. With that said, I’m checking out Into the Dead 2, the latest from Versus Evil and PikPok for the Nintendo Switch. If you’re wondering why the game sounds familiar, it’s because this series started life out as a mobile game on Android and iOS.

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 plays like a first person shooter but on rails, meaning you don’t really control the movements of your player other than strafing left or right. There are no backwards movements and you are constantly always moving forward with no means of stopping. In that sense, it’s also like one of those endless running games, except each level actually ends when you reach the distance goal set for you in each stage.

Now this wouldn’t be a zombie game if there weren’t a lot of weapons and thankfully, Into the Dead has its fair share of guns you can unlock. You start off with just a trusty little pistol but as you play, you gain gold that you can use to purchase weapons and weapon upgrades. It’s not very difficult to gain gold as you can gain a little amount each time you replay a stage, but if you go and actually complete the challenges for each of those stages, you’ll also be rewarded with even more gold.

Into the Dead 2

Aside from guns, you can also unlock companions, which are basically different animals that help you out on your runs. You’ll have to unlock these companions as well, but they can help you kill zombies, some will help you gain more ammo, some can even help you find gold.

Speaking of ammo, you have very little of it. You start off each stage with less than a handful of bullets for whatever weapons your carrying so you’ll have to conserve. You do find ammo crates while you’re running through the stage, but they only give you just enough to survive until you find the next crate. With such little ammo, you’ll have to decide when to use it and when to just avoid the zombies altogether.

Now Into the Dead 2 isn’t all about just killing zombies. There’s an actual story attached to the game. Basically you’re a man trying to make his way back to his family before they overrun and killed by the horde. After each stage, you get a brief little conversation between you and your wife on a 2-way radio that progresses the story little by little. It’s actually pretty interesting and makes me want to make it to the end of the story to see if all turns out well.

If you do happen to finish the story, there’s an arcade mode you can play that basically has you trying to complete most kill challenges on an endless level. It’s only endless until you die. In this mode, there are no companions or second chance knife to save you. You do however get more ammo to start with with plenty of ammo crates along the way. There are a ton of arcade modes for you to unlock an each has their own set of challenges.

Lastly, there are side stories you can play as rewards for completing stages in the main story. There are also two DLC side stories you can purchase. One is for Night of the Living Dead and the other is Ghost Busters.

Into the Dead 2

As a zombie game, Into the Dead 2 isn’t a bad one at all. It’s not quite as deep as an actual free roam FPS, but as a casual game you can pick up and play for minutes at a time, it’s pretty good. The game is really easy to get into and doesn’t require much in terms of a learning curve. The only real kind of negative purchasing this on the Nintendo Switch is that on mobile, you can download this as a free-to-play game, though you’ll be subjected to in-app purchases and ads. This version has none of that.

Into the Dead 2 is available now in the Nintendo eShop for $35. The Night of the Living Dead and Ghost Busters DLC are both $4.99 separately but if you buy everything as a bundle, it’s $40.

Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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