Thief of Thieves: Season One is a Social Hacking Game for Nintendo Switch | Review

Thief of Thieves: Season One

Action games are fun when you have a full arsenal of weapons at your disposal. You feel almost invincible and no amount of enemies a game throws at you will stop you. But you know what? Sometimes having all that offensive capability makes a game too easy which is why when a game like Thief of Thieves:Season One comes along, I have to give a it a try. That’s because Thief of Thieves is mainly a stealth game where you main weapon is your brain and instead of shooting your way out of situations, you must find less deadlier means to accomplish your mission.

Thief of Thieves is based on a comic series by Robert Kirkman. Yes, the same Robert Kirkman who created The Walking Dead. Which makes sense because whether or not it’s a coincidence or a decision on the developers part, Thief of Thieves art style is very reminiscent of The Walking Dead series. Both game have cell shaded art but Thief of Thieves takes its comic book roots one step further and even has cut scenes designed to look like a comic book. It’s an interesting look that really works for this game.

Thief of Thieves

What else is interesting is that Thief of Thieves is an episodic title, not unlike The Walking Dead. It’s very story driven and aside from the art style, there are other similarities. There are quick time elements where you must make a decision before the time runs out, mini games, and the way dialog works with other characters you come across that can affect what happens down the line. Thief of Thieves however does feel like an evolution of that formula and give you a bit more control over what happens.

Anyways, Thief of Thieves is mainly about the protagonist, Celia, a would-be cat burglar hired to pull off a series of high profile heists. There is a deeper story to the game, but I won’t reveal any of that just to save you from any spoilers. Just know that this is basically a story of growth for the young thief to be.

While Thief of Thieves looks really good and I love the story oriented nature of it, it  isn’t a perfect game as it does have a few issues with gameplay. For starters, movement isn’t tight as I’d like it to be. Getting Celia to move where you want her to sometimes can be a little clumsy. I blame that one on the camera as games like The Walking Dead and even Resident Evil that have fixed cameras have this issue too. Next, the NPC AI is kind of goofy in this game. Sometimes they do things that have you scratching your head like running into walls and not knowing where you are even though you’re 2-inches away from them. Lastly, sometimes it’s not apparent what you’re supposed to do at times. There’s an intuition button you can use to see clues, but sometimes the clues just leave you scratching your head.

Thief of Thieves

But when the game does work, it’s very fun. I love that there’s a lot of “hacking” involved whether it be traditional like picking lock or cracking safes to more non traditional means such as social hacking where you’re trying to pull information out of people by means of interactions and craftiness. The story keeps you engrossed as well as the stunning visuals, audio, and voice acting of all the characters involved.

In the end, Thief of Thieves: Season One is a very interesting game and despite some issues I had, it still kept me coming back for more because I wanted to see where the story took me. It’s almost like playing through a really good interactive comicbook where you can’t just stop in the middle. You have to keep flipping the pages until you get to the end.

Thief of Thieves: Season One is available now in the Nintendo eShop and includes all four volumes of this award winning game.

Thief of Thieves

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