Skull & Co. Thumb Grip Set For Nintendo Switch Lite | Review

Skull & Co. Thumb Grip Set

I picked up a Nintendo Switch Lite over the holiday season and it wasn’t just any Switch Lite. It was the Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition. That meant that this version has different button and stick colors than the regular Switch Lite which presented a slight problem for me. You see, I was on the hunt for a set of thumb stick grips, but I didn’t want to have to settle for some plain black, light grey, or mismatched color. Based on my searches, I couldn’t find anything that matched up, that’s not until Skull & Co. finally released their popular Thumb Grip Set in Cyan & Magenta.

First, I just want to mention why I needed thumb stick grips. Mainly I wanted to protect the grips on my special Switch Lite from any dirt and excess wear since I wanted to keep everything as mint as possible. These aren’t exactly things that are easy to replace. Second, the stock  thumb pads are pretty small and I wanted to make them a bit wider and taller for more accurate gameplay.

Skull & Co. Thumb Grip Set

Now back to the subject at hand, I’ve known about these Skull & Co. Thumb Grips for a couple months already and have been eyeballing them due to the fact that you get three sets of thumb grips in the set, each with a slightly different height. What makes them unique though is you can actually stack two of the thumb grips together for an additional two different height options depending on which ones you stack together. That to me already makes the Skull & Co. Thumb Grip set better than anything out there right now. I was still hesitant on buying them because they didn’t have a color I wanted.

Of course what pushed me over that edge of hesitation was the fact that they finally came out with a Pokemon Cyan and Magenta set that is said to match up with the Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition.

Did my expectations of the Skull & Co. Thumb Grip Set match up with reality? I’d like to say yes in deed. I was relieved that the Cyan and Magenta colors are pretty spot on and near perfect. This was great because I honestly love the look of the Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition and I didn’t want to change that in any way. Not only that, I was also pleasantly surprised that these grips are actually very grippy and add some nice width to what are normally  pretty small thumb grips. I like that the Skull & Co’ Thumb Grip Set also comes with three pairs of different height grips, this way you can choose what works best for you and possibly change grips based on what game you’re playing.

Skull & Co. Thumb Grip Set

With that said, these might possibly be one of the best thumb grips you can get for the Nintendo Switch Lite. Regardless if you have the Zacian and Zamazenta Edition or not, you can get these in a variety of different colors. These are also available for regular Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

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