HEX Aspect Blue Waist Pack | Review

HEX Aspect Blue Waist Pack

As you probably know, everything old is new again, which is great because everything that used to be cool back in my younger days is cool once more! Who would have thought that a “fanny pack” would be back in style and now all the hip brands are carrying some form of them, but in a more fashionable state. HEX is one of those brands that brought back the waist pack and one of the designs they have is the HEX Aspect Waist Pack. I’ll be specifically looking at Aspect Blue variation of the Waist Pack, but the one you may pick up will probably be different seeing as HEX constantly updates and removes certain colors and patterns quite frequently.

HEX Aspect Blue Waist Pack

So the version of the Aspect I picked up is called the Aspect Blue Waist Pack. This is a tri-colored design featuring colors similar to navy blue, aqua, and red. I say similar because I don’t know what the exact color names are that Hex used for this. The Red is used mainly as an accent with the top zipper while the majority of the pack is a combination of both blues. Up front, you’ll find that familiar HEX brand patch they attach to all their products.

HEX Aspect Blue Waist Pack

It terms of sizing, the overall dimensions of the HEX Aspect Blue Waist Pack is 8.25″L x 2.25″W x 5.25″H with a volume of 1.65L. It’s not a very large waist pack, but there’s more than enough room to fit many of your essentials such as your wallet, keys, phone, extra battery pack, ear buds, cables, etc. I mean the point of a waist pack to begin with is to carry items that would normally go in your pockets anyways, but in a less uncomfortable means. The HEX Aspect does exactly that.

Build wise, the HEX Aspect Blue Waist Pack does not disappoint. The outer shell is constructed in 600D nylon that is treated for water resistance and on the front you will find a weather proof zippered pocket. The main compartment you’ll find a fairly large storage area along with a separate pocket to keep things organized. What’s nice about the main compartment too is that it is padded all around to protect your valuables inside from everyday bumps. This also helps keep the shape intact so the waist pack won’t sag and look droopy.

HEX Aspect Blue Waist Pack

Attached to the main compartment, you’ll find a waist strap that can expend from 25″ to about 47″ and secures with a heavy duty clasp. Rounding out the design you’ll find woven cord zipper pulls that are capped at the ends to prevent fraying.

Overall, I really like how the HEX Aspect Blue Waist Pack looks. I really like the color combination as it’s not just one solid color and I think it goes great with most of what I wear. Even if it doesn’t, it at least adds a splash of color. I do like the fact that the strap on this is long enough where I can either wear it around my waist (which I don’t) or around my shoulders like a sling (which I do). With that said, I never thought I’d be using a “fanny pack” again, but this is one old trend I don’t mind that’s back.

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