Solo New York Avenue C Rolling Duffel | Review

Solo New York Avenue C Rolling Duffel Bag

Weekend travelers usually don’t want to carry a lot with them and prefer to use something small and lightweight. Most will probably go with some kind of rolling luggage case, but I hardly call any of those fashionable or stylish. My issue with those are that it’s very difficult to distinguish one of those from the rest and if you’re like me and like to stand out or be different, why not check out the Solo New York Avenue C Rolling Duffel Bag? The Avenue C Rolling Duffel is a very attractive weekend bag with enough space for all your travel essentials with the versatility of a shoulder bag and a rolling case combined into one.

As a disclaimer, I was going to use this on a plane trip earlier in the year, but due to everything that’s going in the world with COVID-19, the trip was canceled and this review was put on hold. However with no end to this in sight, this review is mainly based on a hands on review and evaluation.

Solo New York Avenue C Rolling Duffel Bag

Let’s start this off by saying the the Solo NY Avenue C Rolling Duffel Bag is a very attractive bag. It’s made mostly of polyester material with a bit of padding sandwiched between the outer skin and inner lining.

The Solo NY Avenue C Rolling Duffel Bag is generously sized. There one very large main compartment and a small zippered up pocket on the side that you can use for items you need quick access to, such as small documents, a passport, wallet, pens, phone, etc. You probably won’t be using this pocket much, but it is nice to have so you don’t have to go digging in the main compartment.

Solo New York Avenue C Rolling Duffel Bag

That’s because the main compartment is very large. You’re looking at about 49L of space, enough to fit about five outfits worth of clothing and toiletries for a small trip or weekend getaway. There are also two netted pockets to store accessories you want separated as well as one large zippered pocket. The large main compartment is held shut via lockable zipper pulls to keep your valuables safe.

The Solo NY Avenue C Rolling Duffel Bag can be transported in a variety of ways. You can use the double handles to carry it in your hands. You can use the included removable shoulder straps. Lastly you can use the collapsible push button handle and easy-glide wheels combo.

Lastly, you’ll probably want to know if the Solo New York Avenue C Rolling Duffel is airline approved as a carry-on bag and all I can say is that you’ll have to check with your particular airline as they all seem to have different size requirements. All I can tell you is that the overall dimensions of the Avenue C are 12.5″ x 24″ x 12.5″. I’ve seen some people carry on some pretty gigantic bags and while this doesn’t seem to be that large, I don’t want to tell you something that might not be true based on the airline you fly.

Solo New York Avenue C Rolling Duffel Bag

The Solo NY Avenue C Rolling Duffel Bag is a great travel bag. It’s a very handsome bag that actually carries just as much as those boring looking rolling bags you see everywhere. It’s basically two different bags in one. What I like about this though is that when you need to put this in storage, you can actually collapse it flat  which takes up way less space than those rolling luggages. With that said, I think the Solo NY Avenue C Rolling Duffel Bag is my new go-to travel bag for weekend trips both for it’s versatility and good looks.

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