Gravity Rider Zero | Nintendo Switch Review

Gravity Rider Zero

The Nintendo Switch has no shortage of indie developed games. Whether they’re created exclusively for the Switch or ported from another platform, the Switch is the platform of choice now for indie developers. Take for instance Gravity Rider Zero by Vivid Games and Qubic Games. This game was originally released on mobile and filled with ads and micro-transactions, but the move to Switch meant removing all the annoyances and all you’re left with now is a full, complete game. Gravity Rider Zero is a futuristic motorcycle stunt and racing game where the goal is to get to the finish line first and in one piece.

Gravity Rider Zero

Gravity Rider Zero plays very much like a Trials game, but a bit simpler. The courses in this game aren’t as challenging in design and doesn’t require much in terms of precise control. Most of the courses are more built for speed than actually trying to pull off tricks, but you will still need to keep your bike upright. You’ll need to subtly control the tilt of your bike on jumps and landings to keep up your speed and momentum, but it’s not a hard skill to master. You’ll pretty much get the hang of everything within a couple races.

Gravity Rider Zero

As you play, you’ll also be presented with challenges for each set of races. Completing the challenges will gain you additional XP and rewards which will help unlock new bikes and skins to use. This will allow you access to other types of bikes like ATVs and hover bikes.  It’s a nice added touch and makes the game a bit more challenging.

Graphically, the game looks very good. It’s very polished and has this futuristic look to it. It’s sort of has this TRON look to it, but not as dark or neon induced. The bikes are also a bit more realistic looking, but still have a touch of future tech to them to make them look different. The courses too have been designed to look futuristic with everything being super shiny and smooth. There’s a good variety of course designs too with many of them feeling more like roller coasters than race courses. It makes for some pretty wild races.

Gravity Rider Zero

Overall, Gravity Rider Zero is a decent motorcycle racing game. It’s not quite as involved or difficult as some other games of this type, but it makes for a pretty relaxing racer that’s nice to look at. If you’re not very good at these types of games, Gravity Rider Zero is a good starting point as it makes things easier for beginners and eases you into the more challenging stuff.

Gravity Rider Zero is available now in the Nintendo eShop for $6.99 and is cur4rently on sale.

Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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