Dser RoboGeek 23T Robovac | Review

dser RoboGeek 23T

The Dser RoboGeek 23T is an affordable, automated robovac for your home. I know there are a lot of really busy people out there and the last thing you want to do is waste your precious time vacuuming your floor. That’s why these little robovacs come in handy and help maintain the cleanliness of your floors in-between actual deep cleanings. The Dser RoboGeed 23T just does that in a slim, powerful package.

dser RoboGeek 23T

I’ll start this off by saying the the Dser RoboGeek 23T’s main functions will be dictated by the included remote control. You can download the Dser Life app on iOS and Android, but the app basically functions as a just another remote control with the added ability to control the RoboGeek 23T from anywhere as long as it is connected to Wi-Fi. This would come in handy if you wanted to enable the vac while you’re away from home for instance.

You can of course also via the remote control, schedule cleaning times for the RoboGeek 23T.

dser RoboGeek 23T

The Dser RoboGeek 23T itself fairly well designed. By that I mean it is pretty attractive for a robovac. It’s got a nice glossy finish up top with these blue circles radiating from the center. It still looks like a giant hockey puck, just a nicer looking one. The glossy body does however attract a ton of dust so you’ll probably want to wipe it down every so often.

It’s also slim at only 2.83-inches and it at least is slim enough to clean underneath my couches and bookshelves. There was one point where I couldn’t find it and all of a sudden, I saw it pop out from under one of my couches. I didn’t realize it could do this as my other robovac can’t. Your mileage of course will vary with this as not everyone has the same type of couches.

Aside from the slim design, the Dser RoboGeek 23T also features two rotating brushes up front, the main roller brush underneath, a charging doc, the remote control, and boundary strips, which I’ll explain what they do in a bit. There is an included 2600mAh rechargeable battery which is good for about 100 minutes of cleaning and will go back to the charging dock on its own if it senses low battery. There is also a removable dust tray as well as a reusable cotton filter that can be cleaned. There are also a few extra parts here and there for maintenance purposes.

In terms of cleaning, the RoboGeek 23T does a fairly good job of it. Again, it can get under couches as well as bookshelves. These are two places I don’t normally clean that often. It also has some nice, beefy wheels so it’ll go over most rugs no problem and clean those as well.  For the most part, it seems like it cleans almost everywhere, but it does so in a very random type manner. Most of the time, it just looks like it’s bouncing around from wall to wall without any real rhyme or reason. There’s no way of really telling where it’s cleaned and where it hasn’t. You just have to kind of trust that it got everywhere.

dser RoboGeek 23T

If you don’t need it to clean everywhere, you can also set the RoboGeek 23T to spot clean an area in which it’ll deep clean a certain area more thoroughly. You can enable this with the remote. Mostly it’ll just spin around in a spiral pattern until it’s done. You can set boundaries for where it should not go, but rather than programing it to do so, you use the included boundary strips . You just lay them on the ground, like at the beginning of a hall or at a doors opening and it won’t cross it. Speaking of which, the RoboGeek 23T also included a built-in infrared sensors that will alert  the unit when it is approaching something like the edge of a step, so it knows to turn itself around to avoid danger.

dser RoboGeek 23T

That’s pretty much it with the Dser RoboGeek 23T. It doesn’t really have any extra fancy features you might find on more expensive units. What you do get though is a versatile, slim robot vacuum that gets the job done and for the most part, stays out of your way so you can get on with your life while it does what it does. You just have to remember to empty the dust tray every so often and keep it maintained, but that’s a small price to pay for not having to manually clean the floors as often anymore.

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