Knight Squad is 8-Player of Local Mayhem | Nintendo Switch Review

Knight Squad

The Nintendo Switch is makes for a great party console as there are tons of great local multiplayer games available. It allows for traditional television mode gaming as well as portable tabletop gaming, which sets it apart from others. That’s why when it comes to picking up local multiplayer games that are available on multiple consoles, I usually go fore the Switch version now. Take for instance Chainsawesome Games’ latest 8-player arena brawler, Knight Squad.

The developer likes to label Knight Squad as a chaotic friend destroyer and in all fairness, that’s a pretty accurate label for it. Unlike most local multiplayer games that cap at 4-players, Knight Squad is one of the few games that supports 8-player multiplayer modes. Of course you’ll have to round up an additional l6 controllers, but because Knight Squad only requires the directional stick and one button, you can use any type on controller whether it be the Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller. If your friends have Switches, they can just pair their Joy-Cons to your to add more controllers.

Knight Squad

Versus game mode consists of thirteen different game types. If you’re an avid online multiplayer, you’ll recognize a lot of these game types and in Knight Squad, they pretty much work the same. There’s traditional Team Deathmatch, Free For All modes, Capture the Flag, and Domination. More creative game types include Soccer, Jail Break, Arms Race, Serial Killer, and more.

What’s really neat here is that you don’t even have to play with friends. If you’re down a few players or if you even just want to practice and play on your own, you can replace real life players with bots, each with three different difficulty levels. This isn’t strictly a humans only game. You are also able to choose between eleven different characters. I don’t think it matters which one you choose though as they all seem to be the same, they just look different.

Knight Squad

If you just want to spectate, you can do that too and enable a bots only showdown. These are good to watch if you just want to see how each game type plays and what strategies the bots take.

Lastly there’s a Challenge mode which is pretty neat. These are a series of crazy challenges you do on your own in which you go up against the clock and a leaderboard. There are only six challenges, but they’re fun to do if you want to try and top the boards.

Knight Squad

Knight Squad is a really addicting multiplayer arena game. It’s super fun with a group of friends and even when there aren’t any friends available. The challenge modes are pretty interesting and trying to get the highest score on the leaderboards keeps you coming back for more. With that said, Knight Squad is worth the purchase. You’ll have hours and hours of fun with friends and family, maybe a bit of verbal abuse too, but it’s all in good fun and why local multiplayer games are still tops in this household.

Knight Squad is available now in the Nintendo eShop for $14.99.

Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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