SUPERLIMINAL is a Mind Bending Experience on Nintendo Switch | Review


There are some games that are so far out there, you can’t help but love them. These are games that stray from the norm and test your brain in ways you never imagined. Think of games like PORTAL, Q.U.B.E., and Thomas Was Alone just to name a few. These are games that made you think differently and Pillow Castle Games’ latest, SUPERLIMINAL definitely falls into this category. This is a first-person puzzle game which allows players to explore a surreal world by manipulating objects in physical space according to their perspective.

Now describing what SUPERLIMINAL is doesn’t really describe the uniqueness of this game. You really need to see it in action to fully understand just how different SUPERLIMINAL is. The trailer below should give you a better understanding of what makes SUPERLIMINAL so special and why you need to check this game out, especially if you were a fan of some of those games I mentioned above. Now onto the rest of the review.

So SUPERLIMINAL is a journey into your mind. You start off as a participant in some kind of dream therapy study, but things go incredibly wrong as you become trapped in a endless dream cycle. Think of it as like a dream within a dream within a dream, à la Inception. Because you’re trapped in a dream cycle, objects you see that can be pick up can be manipulated based on your perception of things. What might be the size of a dice one minute can become the size of a house the next. It all depends on your perspective.


The goal is to escape this endless loop, with each loop being slightly different than the one that came before it. As you progress, the puzzles become more and more difficult and you’ll need to alter the way you think as new mechanics get introduced. For instance, some objects duplicate themselves later instead of being able to be picked up or another example is you’ll need to change your perspective of the room in order to create objects. Perception and perspective are key and you’ll definitely need to think outside the box with this one.


In terms of look, SUPERLIMINAL looks very good. The game is very realistic looking meaning that everything is modeled in a true too life way. That helps with the immersiveness of the game and keeps your mind confused as you don’t really know if what you’re seeing is real or if you’re still in a dream. The audio in the game is also quite good. There’s no crazy background music playing all the time and you’ll only hear it where appropriate. Most of the time you’ll here some kind of audio announcement from informing you of what’s going on. Those who have played PORTAL may see some similarities here.


Are there any complaints about the game? Unless you call not being able to figure out a puzzle right away a negative, I see nothing wrong with SUBLIMINAL. It’s pretty much a perfect game. Everything from the creative and challenging puzzles, the presentation, and the uniqueness of the overall concept is just perfect. The only minor gripe might be that the game isn’t very long.

With that said, if you own a Nintendo Switch or any console or PC for that matter, I highly recommend picking up SUPERLIMINAL for your library.  SUPERLIMINAL is well worth playthrough both for the experience and the uniqueness of it. SUPERLIMINAL can also be played multiple times as there are hidden achievements you can unlock as well as lots of hidden goodies you may have missed with the first run.

SUPERLIMINAL is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes. (Disclosure Policy)

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