VictSing RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Compact 96-Key | Review

A gaming computer is only as good as its input devices. That means you need a really good mouse and a really good keyboard, and in my experience, the best keyboards are usually mechanical ones. That’s why for years now, I’ve been exclusively using mechanical keyboards with my desktops PCs, even if they’re not gaming rigs. There’s just something about that satisfying clicky sound you get. It’s always fun picking up a new one though and that’s why I’m now checking out the VictSing RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This one uses blue switches and a smaller 96-key layout that you don’t normally see.

So why are mechanical keyboards so great? Unlike cheaper membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards are considered much more accurate due to the nature of their input method. The clicking sound you hear from them means that the key you pressed has registered and keys do not need to be pressed all the way down for that to happen. That makes a mechanical keyboard ultra-responsive and makes them great for gaming or for those who are heavy typists.


Now back to the VictSing RGB Mechanical Keyboard, this one is a 96-key compact keyboard featuring blue mechanical switches. These seem noticeably louder than the red or brown switches and with what feels like a little bit more resistance. Blue switches are built so that there’s more of a tactile feeling to them and are great for typists, but again, they are incredibly loud.

Now I stated that this keyboard only has 96 keys, which is eight shy of the normal 104 key keyboards that are usually the norm for a Windows PC. Most notably, what’s missing here are the group of keys that normally sit just left of the number pad. They’re not technically missing however as they’ve been integrated into the number pad and can be accessed by pressing the “switch” key on the upper right hand corner. Pressing this key changes the lighting profile on the number pad so you can see which keys are now being used.

While this is a pretty cool solution to make the keyboard more compact, there are one drawback for doing it like this. The alternate functions for those keys don’t light up to show what they’ve turned into. That means that if you’re using the keyboard in the dark, you can’t visually see what they’ve changed into. You pretty much just have to remember what they do. It’s not a big deal when you’re using this with sufficient lighting but in a dimly lit workspace, you might have some issues seeing what these keys do.

VicTsing RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Aside from that small issue, the VictSing RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has all the features you’ve come to expect from a good gaming keyboard. It’s mostly plug-n-play and you can totally use this keyboard without ever installing the software for it as you can control many of the lighting features via keyboard shortcuts. However, to get the most of it, you’ll want to install the software. The software allows for even more precise customization of the lighting. Not only that, but there’s also a gaming mode you can enable that will disable the “alt+tab”, “alt+F4” and the “windows key”. The software also allows for custom macros you can create. Lastly, you can create profiles to use for individual games or apps so you don’t have to recreate these each time.


This is my first experience using a blue switch mechanical keyboard and I will say that it is quite loud when compared to the red and brown switches. I would take that into consideration if you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard and you are working in an environment that very quite. The keyboard itself though is very good and I do like the tactile bump you get from the blue keys. Typing does feel a bit more accurate and satisfying and reminds me of the olden days of using a typewriter.

Secondly, I also really like the fact that you don’t need to install the software for this if you don’t want to. If you’re never going to use this for gaming, you can just plug the keyboard in and change many of the setting using keyboard shortcuts. Gamers however will want to install the software.

Lastly, if you’ are used to a traditional 104-key keyboard, the VictSing 96-key RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard will take some getting used to, specifically when you changing the functions of the number keys. You just have to get into the habit of tapping that “switch” key.


The VictSing RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is certainly an interesting keyboard. The 96-key design gives it a much smaller footprint than a traditional 104-key keyboard, but I find it more useful than a 10-keyless keyboard that removes the number pad. I don’t only use a keyboard for gaming so having a number pad is very useful for the other 80% or so activities I do on my computer. Obviously, there are some trade-offs with this, but I applaud their creativity here with how they integrated the missing keys.

Aside from some minor gripes, there’s much to like about the VictSing RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It’s compact, but has full-sized keys. It’s got full RGB lighting, and it’s honestly a very well made and well-designed keyboard.


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