Hotline Miami Collection it the Best Version on Nintendo Switch | Review

Hotline Miami Collection

Hotline Miami is not a new game, nor is the followup, Hotline Miami 2. Both games have been out for quite a while now and it only makes sense that there would be a collected version. Both games are critically acclaimed and both have a loyal cult following. If you’ve never played either of these games, then the perfect starting point for you would be the Hotline Miami Collection, and the perfect version of that would be on the Nintendo Switch.

I figured I’d do a quick review on this slightly older game seeing as it is on sale right now for a ridiculously low price in the Nintnedo eShop.

Hotline Miami Collection has been available since 2017 with the Nintendo Switch version of the collection released at the end of 2019. While the game is old, it still holds up to this day as one of the best top-down shooters of its generation. It’s still however not suitable for children due to its graphic nature and adult themes, so don’t buy this for them. Adults however will probably really enjoy this.

First up, even though you’re technically buying two games with the collection, you’ll only get one icon on your Nintendo Switch dashboard. Launching the game will bring up a menu where you must choose which game you want to play. Once you choose the game, you’ll be brought into each game’s normal start-up screen as if they were separate games. I like how this is done as it keeps both games together as one package and makes them both easier to find later in your library.

Hotline Miami

In terms of everything else, both Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 are perfect ports. You’ll get the same exact graphics, same exact gameplay as on any other platform. That just means that if you’ve played this on other consoles or on PC, it’s the same with no noticeable differences. That’s not a bad thing as both games in their original form were near perfect games already.

I also shouldn’t really need to go into any gameplay aspects seeing as both these games are quite old to begin with and nothing has changed.

If you own multiple consoles, the Nintendo Switch version of Hotline Miami Collection seems to be the best version. It’s not because it plays better or it looks better because, in all honesty, it’s the same on any platform. What separates this from the crowd is the nature of the Nintendo Switch itself. If you own the regular Switch, you’re able to not only play this on the big screen but also able to take it with you on the go. And that is the one big advantage of the Nintendo Switch version over all other versions of the game. With that said, if you don’t own the game and have a Switch, I suggest picking up this version as it is the most versatile version.

You can pick up Hotline Miami Collection on the Nintendo eShop here.


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