Glorious PC Introduces Their First Wireless Mouse, the Model O Wireless

Glorious PC Model O Wireless

Glorious PC brought us the super lightweight Model O gaming mouse and now, they’re about to unleash the Model O Wireless. The Model O Wireless will be the companies first foray into the wireless mouse space.

Following an extensive research and development process to craft the perfectly designed wireless mouse specifically for the needs of PC gamers, the Glorious Model O Wireless is finally here. Complete with the lightweight build that members of the Glorious Legion know and love, the Model O Wireless weighs in at 69 grams (+/- 1.5 grams) and comes with an all-new proprietary BAMF sensor.

Created to be accessible to every PC gamer with no crazy waiting rooms or high price tags, the Model O Wireless boasts a 71-hour battery life (no lighting) and will retail for $79.99. Officially available in late fall, prepare for ascension once you get your hands on the Glorious Model O Wireless.

Sign up on their website for notifications on when it’s finally launched.

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