Foregone is an Action Looter on Nintendo Switch | Review


If you like loot driven action games, platformers, and games with fantastic art, you may want to take a look at Big Blue Bubble’s latest, Foregone. Foregone is a 2D platformer that combines loot-based collecting and fast-paced action set in a gorgeous pixel-based world. You are an Arbiter, a genetically engineered super-soldier tasked with stopping the destruction of the city of Calagon by the forces of the Harrow.

Foregone is a game with many influences and it shows in its gameplay. On one hand, it plays much like classic games such as Contra or even Strider, but also has elements similar to more modern games like Dark Souls and Diablo 3. Let me explain. Like Strider, Foregone is a platformer that you basically run through and attack enemies with either your melee weapon or ranged weapon on a 2D environment.

But like more modern games, you have the ability to pick up tons of loot and upgrade your weapons, armor, and stats. Not only that, but Foregone also has elements we’ve seen in Dark Souls where if you die, you have to start back from the beginning and you also lose any loot you might have had if you didn’t bank them. You basically have to go back to where you died and pick it all back up again if you want to reclaim it. Not only that, the enemies get harder and stronger as you progress so you also need to level up boost your stats.


The game itself, while deep, is also quite easy to jump into. The controls are very easy to learn and combat only requires the melee or shoot button for ranged weapons. You can jump, double jump, and slide as well and as you progress, you also gain some special abilities that require the shoulder and trigger buttons. Other than that, it’s pretty straight forward and the relative ease means you can concentrate on the action more without having to learn complex controls.

Aside from the gameplay, Foregone is a very good looking game. The pixel based art in it is amazing and highly detailed. The animations are also very smooth and fluid allowing for accurate gameplay. Foregone surely has the chops in the art department and ranks up there with the best of the 2D platformers out there.


So is Foregone a must buy? I would say yes. This is a very good platformer with lots of great additions to it from other genres. On top of that, the story in the game is actually quite good so it’s not just some mindless action game. Foregone is a game that deserves to be in your library and on any top lists out there for this genre.

Foregone is available now on the Nintendo Switch on the eShop here.

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