They Bleed Pixels Out Now for Nintendo Switch | Trailer

They Bleed Pixels

Sppoly Squid Games’ cult classic , They Bleed Pixels is out now on Nintendo Switch. Originally released on PC, They Bleed Pixels makes its first appearance on console through the Switch and it’ll be available with a special 20% discount through October 31.

As an anonymous student of the Lafcadio Academy for Troubled Young Ladies, you must battle through your nightmares to defeat a curse that’s slowly transforming your body into a clawed demonic form. Originally released for PC in 2012, They Bleed Pixels balances a perfect mix of fast-paced acrobatic platforming and fierce, one-button, slash’em up combat. By suppressing their urge to button mash in favour of focusing on stylish and smart kills, players are rewarded with a checkpoint they can choose when to place for safety… or try their luck by holding onto it for extra bonus points.


  • Hardcore original difficulty, plus an easier novice mode, to match a wide range of skills. 
  • Striking art style mixes low-fi pixel art with organic ink and paper textures. 
  • Lush gothic-cute motion comics tell the story of a young girl haunted by eldritch nightmares.
  • Become a monster stabbing master or platforming speedrunner with individual level rankings, online leaderboards and 150 skill-based badges. 
  • Unlock bonus guest levels + illustrations by comic and game artists from around the world. 

You can pick up They Bleed Pixels right now in the Nintendo eShop and get a 20% discount till Halloween.

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