Let’s Sing 2021 Available Now on PS4 and Nintendo Switch | Trailer

Let's Sing 2021

Ravensourt and Voxler announced that their latest, Let’s Sing 2021 is available now on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Let’s Sing 2021 is the newest iteration of the game featuring tons of current chart hits as well as all-time classics. Additionally, Let’s Sing 2021 comes with the brand new Legend single-player game mode that lets you rise through the ranks and become the next superstar.

Let’s Sing 2021 offers hits right off the Billboard charts as well as classic hits. Billie Eilish with “Bad Guy,” TONES AND I with “Dance Monkey,” Jonas Brothers with “Sucker,” Panic! at the Disco with “High Hopes” or Ariana Grande with “Thank U, Next” are just a few of the current smash hits featured in Let’s Sing 2021. If you are looking for a blast from the past, how about Genesis with “I Can’t Dance” or Seal with “Kiss From A Rose.” The 30-song tracklist of Let’s Sing 2021 is packed with international hits that will make any music lover’s heart skip a beat.

Modes and features:

  • Legend Mode: The Legend Mode adds a brand-new solo experience to the world of Let’s Sing 2021. With 16 challengers and three challenges per opponent, you have to step up your singing game to be prepared for the final battle against each of the antagonists. 
  • Classic: Perform solo or together with your friends. Hit the right notes to score the most points – can you crack the high score? 
  • Feat.: Find your perfect match. The better you sing together, the higher your “compatibility score” is. Sing with friends and family or also team up with your idol in the single-player mode.
  • World Contest: Take on the world. Try to reach the top of the leaderboard or just have fun with your friends – choose a player you want to challenge and try to beat other singers online. The game shows the performance of the other players as if you were singing together. 
  • Mix Tape 2.0: Mix different songs together with this innovative game mode. Each mix is dynamically generated and thus guarantees a playlist never repeats itself and is a lot of fun. Create your own mixtapes with your favorite songs with the playlist creator.
  • Jukebox: Relax after your singing session with a list of songs for the next groovy party.
  • Let’s Party: 8 Players, 2 Teams, 2 Mics and randomly chosen game modes will bring your Let’s Sing party to the next level. Includes the new “Pop Chicken” game mode.
  • Playlist Creator: This new updated system now allows you to pick which mode to play as well as the songs you want to sing. 

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