Bus Driver Simulator for Nintendo Switch | Review

Bus Driving Simulator

Simulation games come in all forms, whether it be a driving simulator, flight simulator, or even a PC building simulator. What’s neat about these types of games is realism, especially if they can capture the essence of what it’s like to really do that task. It’s also a means to try something you would never have thought you’d do in real life, such as driving a bus. Bus Driving Simulator, the latest from Russian studio KishMish Games, puts you in the shoes of a passenger bus driver where you must follow a strict schedule and route to success.

Now I know what you’re asking. How can driving a large, slow as a sloth bus be exciting? It’s really not, but then again, driving a real bus isn’t that exciting either. This is a sim through and through and for the most part, I think it accurately depicts what it’s like to be a driver of public transportation. You have to keep a fairly accurate schedule – can’t be too early but also can’t be too late – and in all honestly, it can be quite boring.

But like I said, how exciting do you think driving a bus actually is? That’s what I think makes Bus Driving Simulator such a compelling game. Simulations are supposed to be realistic and Bus Driving Simulator in my opinion does a really good job conveying just what it’s like being a bus driver. It’s not exciting, it’s very repetitive, and it’s exactly what you’d expect. Yet, it’s also so hard to stop playing, if you can believe that. There’s just something that sucks you in and makes you want to play more. It’s something unexplainable.

Bus Driver Simulator

The realism is definitely there too as your bus has realistic controls and buttons you can flick on and off and there are steps you need to take to drive a bus. It’s highly suggested that you go through the tutorial first.

Aside from the gameplay, the graphics are just so so. They’re not terrible, but on the Nintendo Switch, they’re just average compared to other games. Compared to other versions on other platforms, the Nintendo Switch version is the worst looking of the bunch. It also suffers from some slowdowns if you have too many passengers riding your bus.

Bus Driver Simulator

Overall, Bus Driving Simulator is a different sort of game. These simulator games are quite popular despite the subject matter that might seem very boring. In fact, I think it’s the slow paced nature and realism of them all that gives them their appeal. While Bus Driving Simulator isn’t a game I’d normally consider playing, I can’t help but be drawn into it and further my career as a bus driver.

Bus Driving Simulator is available now on the Nintendo eShop here.

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