Pure Pool for Nintendo Switch is a Must Have | Review

Pure Pool

One of the best cue sports simulations out there is Pure Pool by Ripstone Games and VooFoo Studios. The last time I played this game was way back in 2014 when it was released for the PS4. Well, it has finally made the jump to Nintendo Switch and includes all the content previously released in one, convenient package.

For starters, Pure Pool on the Switch looks very, very good. It’s actually running at 1080p in docked mode and 720 in handheld mode, all at 60 fps. The game runs buttery smooth with zero lag at all. Graphically, everything is so crisp and realistic-looking that it really does feel like you’re in a pool hall, playing pool. The felt on the tables are full of detail and textures, while the balls shine and reflect as they should under lights. I mean that graphically, this doesn’t even lose out to the PS4 version at all when it comes to realism.

Pure Pool

Controls here are really easy to pick up as you aim with the left stick, shoot with the right stick, and the face buttons control stuff like accurate aim, spin, and the camera. Controlling the power of the cue is quite intuitive as it is based on how far you pull down on the right thumbstick and how hard you flick it back up. This allows for power shots as well as shots the require more finesse. With the spin option, you’re able to decide where exactly to hit the white ball in order to cause it to spin in a specific rotation. This can affect how the ball rebounds after hitting another ball. You can even slightly affect the curve. Sadly, there’s no way to jump a ball as you could in real life.

Pure Pool

When it comes to gameplay, Pure Pool isn’t short on game modes. The game features a single-player campaign, skill-based challenges, unlockable customization, and multiple modes of pool and snooker. There are variations of both 8-ball and 9-ball as well as blackball and snooker.

If you more inclined to play with others, you can play with friends locally or online. Pure Pool features a host of online multiplayer modes, including Cross-Play support with Steam and the option to play online against stored DNA player profiles. Global leaderboards and rankings allow players to track their performance across the Pure Pool player base.

Pure Pool

Pure Pool was a great pool game when I played it on the PS4 and it’s a great game now on the Nintendo Switch. In fact, it’s a better game because now I can play the game on the go and at my leisure away from a television. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best pool game on the Nintendo Switch and if you’re a fan of the sport, you owe it to yourself to pick Pure Pool up. It’s fun, challenging, and will keep you entertained for a very long time.

Pure Pool is available now on the Nintendo eShop here.

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