360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 | Review

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9

Robot vacuums are really popular and that’s easy to see with all the different makes and models you see on Amazon. There are no problems finding one but finding the right one is a whole other story. Usually, with these things, you do get what you pay for and the more money you spend, the more features you get. While cheaper models will get the job done, they’re often missing more advanced features so if you want something with a bit more oomph, you’ll have to pay more. Take for instance the 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9. This is 360SmartLife’s top of the line robot vacuum that features LDS LIDAR + Ultrasonic anti-collision sensors + SLAM algorithms, and much more.

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9


The 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 doesn’t look much different from every other robot vacuum out there. It’s hockey puck-shaped, not quite as slim as some other robot vacuums I’ve looked at, and it has a dome on top that houses the advanced 360 Autopilot System 5.0. This is a combination of 25 sensors, LDS LIDAR, Ultrasonic anti-collision sensors, SLAM algorithms, and HD mapping technology. This in itself already makes this more advanced than most cheaper robot vacuums.

You’ll notice that the 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 is also white in color instead of your standard black. In my opinion, this makes for a much better vacuum color as it doesn’t show the dust as much as black does.

Flipping the vacuum over, you’ll see two large wheels that should allow the S9 to roll over most terrain, including rugs and carpet. There’s your standard roller in the middle and one rotating brush near the edge. You’ll also find anti-drop sensors underneath. I should mention that the S9 also allows for a mopping attachment.

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9

Which leads to what’s under the hood. If you lift the flap on top, you’ll find where the water tank is and the dust bin. The water tank is for the mopping function while the dust bin is for collecting all the junk that gets sucked up by the vacuum.

Lastly, the 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 has a rather interesting charging dock. Instead of a ramp with charging pins that most other vacuums have that they need to line up with, the S9 dock instead has these two charging bars on the dock. The S9 robot vacuum basically lines itself up with the dock and then backs its charging ports up to it. because of the size of the charging strips, it will always line up even if it’s not exactly centered with the dock.

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9


The 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 has a lot of advanced features, some of which I mentioned above, such as the 360 Autopilot System 5.0. That’s not all., the S9 also features a powerful 2200Pa suction and noise reduction ducts. Depending on the suction power, noise levels are between 55dB and 80dB. When it’s on, you won’t even really know it’s on.

Another notable feature is the inclusion of a large 5200mAh battery that can last up to 3 hours per charge. That means the S9 can spend more time cleaning and less time charging. It will clean around 300m² / 3230ft².

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9

The 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 also has an advanced map management system, but in order to make the most out of it, you will need to download the 360Robot app for either iOS or Android. The app will show you everything that the S9 does and sees. You’ll get a map of your entire home, and if you have multiple floors, it can save maps from different floors as well. You can also edit maps, create no-go zones where the vacuum shouldn’t be going, and also set the type of cleaning for each room. Lastly, the app can also tell you how much charge is in the S9, how long it takes to clean your home, and you can set schedules for when the S9 will automatically start it’s cleaning.

The 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 is also compatible with Google Home.

Of course, if you don’t want to use the app, you don’t have to as the 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 also includes a handy remote. While not as feature-rich as the app, you can use it to start the cleaning process, control where the robot vacuum goes, and also tell it where to spot clean areas. It’s handy to have if you just want to enable a quick clean.

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9


The 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 is one of the better robot vacuums I’ve looked at and has many features that are attractive. The Ultrasonic sensors and LIDAR give the S9 an advantage when it comes to navigating your home and avoiding obstacles while the handy smartphone app really pushes this to the next level. The app allows for way more control than your standard remote and it’s really something you should look out for when buying a robot vacuum.

Of course, specs are important too and like I said, the 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 chock full of advanced specs. My time with it has been great so far and it does really seem to do a very thorough job when it comes to vacuuming. I love the fact that you can adjust the suction strength and the mopping feature is an added bonus. Again, you get what you pay for and I believe the 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 is worth every penny.


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