Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead for Nintendo Switch | Review

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Bridge Constructor is a long-running series of games that have become quite popular on many different platforms. My favorite however was Bridge Constructor: Portal which saw an unlikely mashup of two totally different franchises and made it work. Now developer ClockStone Software and Headup Games are back with another crazy mashup in the form of Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead that takes The Walking Dead franchise into uncharted territory. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead combines the legendary and challenging puzzle gameplay of Bridge Constructor with the post-apocalyptic zombie universe of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Like Bridge Constructor: Portal, Bride Constructor: The Walking Dead has its very own unique art style that reflects the subject matter. The game seems to take some visual cues from other The Walking Dead games, but still has a style all its own. The art is a bit darker than past Bridge Constructor games with colors that are more muted. This also features lots of character art and animations.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Not only that, there’s an actual storyline in this game. This isn’t just level after level of puzzles. Instead, there is a reason you’re building these bridges and you’re helping survivors fight zombies and other hostiles. You’ll even get to team up with fan-favorite characters like Daryl, Michonne, and Eugene.

In terms of gameplay, Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead follows a very similar formula to previous games, but also adds many new gameplay elements to fit the theme. You still have to build bridges and you still have to get your targets from point A to point B. The difference now is that that isn’t your only objective. You must also kill any hostiles that are chasing your targets. That means doing things like dropping containers and other heavy items on zombies, trapping them, or even just plain avoiding them.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Another brand new element introduced is the use of commands. Certain parts of the level have command areas where you can issue a set of commands to whoever crosses that area. You can tell characters which direction to go when they hit these points, or direct them to perform actions such as interact with switches and controls or even throwing decoys at zombies. It’s an interesting new element that really changes some of the dynamics to regular old Bridge Constructor.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

With that said, should you buy Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead? If you’re a fan of the Bridge Constructor series, I would say so. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. It’ll be much different from your typical The Walking Dead games and I think in the end, don’t you want to play something new and different that isn’t just the same old type of game over and over again?

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is available now on the Nintendo eShop here.

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