Amazfit Smart Scale Helps Complete More of Your Health-Oriented Tracking | Review

Amazfit Smart Scale

I don’t know about you, but 2020 had me gaining some unwanted weight and a couple months ago, I decided to do something about it. I made a conscious effort to be more active and eat healthier foods. I started tracking more of my life. By that I mean I wear my Amazfit smartwatch daily to track my steps and workouts but I was still missing a piece of the equation. I needed to log in my weight daily, which was a hassle and I had no idea about my other health metrics such as body fat ratio, BMI, muscle mass, etc. That got solved thanks to the Amazfit Smart Scale which at least gives me an idea of these hidden metrics and all I have to do is stand on the scale daily.

The Amazfit Smart Scale looks pretty much like any other digital scale. It’s got a glass face and seems pretty thin. I compared it to an older digital scale I was using and it’s only just a tiny bit bigger in area. The main difference here with the Amazfit Smart Scale is the integrated electrode strips that run along the top of the scale. I’m guessing these are what is used to acquire the majority of the non-weight related measurements. Aside from that, there’s also a large 3.4″ LCD display hidden underneath the glass.

Amazfit Smart Scale

Before we get more into features, let’s talk setup. The Amazfit Smart Scale requires 4xAAA batteries to operate. You will need the Zepp app to activate the scale upon first use and will also need it to sync results of your data each time you stand on the scale. What’s great here is that unlike the Amazfit smartwatches, you can sync up to 10 accounts with the Amazfit Smart Scale. That means my whole family can get their own results sent to their Zepp app.

Getting results sent to your Zepp app works in two ways. You can either use Bluetooth, which is the default and will require you to have the app open each time you weigh yourself in order to sync to the correct account. The other way is via 2.4GHz WiFi connection which is the best route. This will allow for your results to be sent automatically to you whether you have your app open or not.

Whichever way you decide to go, the Amazfit Smart Scale does seem to recognize different users on its own and knows who is standing on the scale. I”m guessing there is internal memory on it that will pass that information along to the respective Zepp apps over Bluetooth. If you’re on WiFi, it’ll just send it to the cloud and straight to whoever account the data goes to.

So what does the Amazfit Smart Scale measure? Lots actually. There are 16 key body health metrics is measures – Body Weight, Body Fat Rate, Muscle Mass, Body Water Percentage, Bone Mass, Protein Percentage, Basal Metabolism, Visceral Fat Grade, Subcutaneous Fat, Skeletal Muscle, Change of Muscle Mass, Physical Age, Body Score, Body Mass Index, Ideal Body Weight, and Body Type.

The next question is how it calculates some of these metrics? Most likely what it’s doing is first making calculations based on your weight, your height, and your age group. It’s probably also taking your heart rate into consideration along with any exercise data you may have. There are other data too you can enter manually such as the size of different body parts to get this data to be a bit more accurate, but overall, the data is there to give you an idea of how you are doing. I’m also not sure if the electrodes have anything to do with the measurements, aside from heart rate, so there could be that too. Regardless, I wouldn’t really use any of this data as “exact”.

Amazfit Smart Scale

So why then would you pick up the Amazfit Smart Scale over a regular old scale? Mainly because of the extra data and the fact that the scale itself isn’t that expensive. It’s cheaper than some regular scales I’ve seen and about average when compared to other smart scales. If you’re already invested in other Amazfit products, it only makes sense to pick up the Amazfit Smart Scale as well.

With that said, the Amazfit Smart Scale does help fill in those missing health metrics you would not otherwise get from just wearing your smartwatch. While the information might not be 100% accurate, it does at least give you a base idea of how you’re doing that you can compare against daily. Not only that, Not only that, it does it automatically so you no longer need to enter this data manually every day anymore. To me, it’s just another way of keeping myself motivated and on track with my diet and health goals.


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