Aground is a Resource Gathering, Crafting Game with a Twist | Nintendo Switch Review


How many of you like survival crafting games? I know I do. What I like about these types of games is the fact that you have to use the land and what the world provides in order to survive. That means you have to plant and harvest crops for food, find materials to build shelter and weapons, and usually, have to also find a way to be saved. Fancy Fish Games’ latest Aground, is just such a game. Aground is a 2D resource-gathering and crafting game, but with an actual story and progression. You’re not just farming and gathering resources aimlessly. There’s an actual reason for it.

In Aground, you start off stranded on an island and must gather resources to survive. In the process, you meet other survivors that help you along the way. The first couple hours or so of the game is a bit of a grind with much of it consisting of chopping down trees, mining minerals, and killing wild animals. That’s okay though because much of it is part of the tutorial that will get you familiar with the mechanics of crafting. Not only that, there’s an obvious progression to the game. Basically doing one thing could lead to another and so on.


For example, as you meet other survivors, they offer quests. When quests are completed, others may offer new quests or the same person can offer up something new as well. With each new quest comes a new aspect to the game and means of surviving and ultimately getting off the island. What I do like about this here is that there’s really no wrong way to do this. You can really play at your own pace.

Those who have played games like Minecraft or Terraria will most likely be able to jump into Aground more so than those who haven’t. That doesn’t mean Aground is hard to master, because it really isn’t. If you follow along with the tutorials and complete the quests, you’ll be mastering this game in no time. Mining and crafting are huge parts of the game so keep that in mind. Also, pay attention to the story and what the people you come across tell you. It’ll go a long way into making the experience that much better.


Aground is an interesting game, to say the least. While it has similarities to Minecraft, Terraria, and other resource-gathering games, it really stands out because of its story aspect and progression mechanics. While the game can get grindy, at least there’s a purpose for the grind and a goal for you to attain that will keep you coming back for more. With that said, there are hours and hours of gameplay here so if you’re looking for a game that will keep you occupied for a long time, Aground is it.

Aground is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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