Urban Armor Gear Civilian and Pathfinder SE Case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G | Review

A couple of weeks ago, we had a chance to look at the Urban Armor Gear cases for the smaller Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. We weren’t disappointed with what we saw. Now we have the larger Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G in our stable and decided to turn to UAG again for this phone. Since all those cases for the smaller phone are available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, we decided to go with two of our favorites, the Pathfinder Series and the Civilian Series. The Pathfinder case however isn’t the regular one, but instead is the Pathfinder SE that comes in a sweet-looking camo pattern while the Civilian case we got in black to match the Phantom Black color of the phone.

Urban Armor Gear Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Case


The UAG Pathfinder Series of cases has long been one of my favorite. Back when rugged cases used to look like giant, bulky bricks, UAG came along and designed one of the first that was actually attractive looking. This is the case designed for adventure in mind and it shows with the quality of the materials and design. The Pathfinder SE is a special edition that features one of two different camo colors – Forrest Camo and Black Midnight Camo.

Of course, you can also pick up the regular Pathfinder Series as well which has four different colors to choose from.

The Pathfinder SE is a layered case featuring an impact-resistant core that extends out the edges of the phone. Wrapping around this core is a hard protective shell that is uniquely UAG. The shell has intricate little details such as the torsion screw pieces and the ribbing on the sides for extra grip. All the extra textures and bumps give the Pathfinder SE a real tactile feel that I love. Other notable elements include the button covers, raised display edges, and thicker corner bumpers for extra drop protection.

Are there any negatives? I mean, it does make an already large phone even larger. It does make it a bit thicker as well, but I think that’s a small price to pay for better protection and a more confident feel. With the Pathfinder SE, the phone definitely doesn’t feel slippery anymore and it actually feels much better to hold in landscape mode for gaming and watching videos.

The UAG Pathfinder SE is available in two colors and priced at $49.95.

Amazon Link: Forrest Camo and Midnight Camo

Urban Armor Gear Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Case


The UAG Civilian Series is one of their more recent designs that brings the rugged tech and protection UAG is known for, in a more simplistic and formal-looking case. This is a very clean-looking case devoid of crazy creases and edges. While their other cases are built for adventure, the Civilian Series looks like it was built for the board room. The outer shell is minimally styled but features the Urban Armor Gear name etched into the back. The protective edges also aren’t as pronounced and aggressive.

What gives the Civilian Series its rugged status is the built-in impact-resistant skeleton coupled with a shock-absorbing core. They call this HyperCush technology, which dampens and disperses energy upon impact. This is further enhanced with a tough feather-light armor shell. This classic UAG protection in a new modernly styled case. This case also features raised edges, button protection, and shock-absorbing corners.

So what do we not like about it? Well, the case is a bit more slippery, mainly because of the smooth finish and lack of hard edges. It does however slide into your pockets quite nicely and is a little less bulky. The Civilian Series is pretty nice and I like that it is both rugged and modern looking. I’m also digging the small splash of orange upfront.

The UAG Civilian is available in five colors and priced $49.95.

Amazon Link: UAG Civilian (All Colors)

The main reason for choosing these two Urban Armor Gear cases is protection. I’ve never been let down by any of the UAG cases I’ve used and I don’t expect that to change. What I like about these two is that one I can use when I’m out doing some serious adventuring while the other one I can use when I bit more dressed up or on more formal occasions. I like that I have that choice. Ultimately, that’s why more of us have several cases we swap between, right? With that said, you can’t go wrong with Urban Armor Gear and know that any of their cases will protect your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G like no other.

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