Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game for Nintendo Switch| Review

Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game

Published by Versus Evil and developed by Mad About Pandas, Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game is a heavily story-driven mystery game about a hitchhiker who has lost his memory. Through a series of road trips and interactions with your driver host, you’ll slowly begin to piece together your memories – where you’re going, who you’re searching for, and why you’ve forgotten. On this journey, you’ll be taking five different rides with five different drivers, each has its own unique personalities and themes to explore.

I’ll start this off by saying that Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game is not going to be for everyone. This is mainly due to the type of game this is. This game is heavy on the story and there’s tons of dialogue you need to sit through. Basically though most of the game, you’ll just be sitting there, interacting with these drivers you come across and going back and forth through conversations. Yes, there are also puzzles you need to solve and beautiful environments you can stare at, but for the most part, you’re really just a passenger along for the ride, seeing where this emotional journey takes you.

That means if you’re not the type who likes to sit through these things and gets bored easily when there’s too much dialog and story involved, you’ll probably want to skip Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game. For everyone else, you’ll find a pretty interesting game with a story that unfolds as you play it.

Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game

Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game is played in the first person and at times, really does feel like you’re a hitchhiker in some stranger’s car. There are awkward moments, moments where you sit around staring off into space, and moments where it seems like you’re just talking about nothing. Of course, you’re not really talking about nothing as it seems like every conversation has a hidden meaning to it. Every conversation is meant to open up a bit more about your past and what exactly you’re searching for and forgotten. Not only that, but each vehicle you ride in also carries clues about your past. You just need to look around and like any good passenger, just be super nosy and look through the glove box, open and close the windows, touch the radio, etc.

With that said, I won’t really say too much here about the story as that is like 90% of the game experience. I think that if I say any more about it, it would spoil too much of the story and deny you the pleasure of interpreting everything for yourself.

Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game

So is Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game worth a buy? That entirely depends upon you and the games you typically like. For me, I do like story-driven games, however, there is a lot of dialogue to go through. The game also starts off a bit slow and unless you know what you’re getting into, you could get distracted and uninterested in it pretty quickly. This happened to me at first, but I stuck with it and the story actually gets more interesting once you start figuring out what is actually going on. So don’t give up or you’ll be missing out on what is a rather unique and beautiful game.

Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game is available now on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99.

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