The New iMac is Super Thin and Comes in Colors!

Apple iMac 2021

I don’t use an iMac, nor have I ever owned one, but Apple’s new iMac has me impressed. While the specs are really good and that M1 chip seems impressive, it’s the overall look of the iMac that really caught my attention. I have never seen an all-in-one computer as thin as the new iMac before! I mean the new iMac looks like it’s just a tiny bit thicker than an iPad Pro, just larger overall and with a built-in stand.

According to Apple, it’s 11.5mm thin, while the iPad Pro is about 5.9-6.4mm thin. That is pretty darn impressive. The fact that Apple was able to fit a large 24in display and all the internals needed for a computer into something that thin is just really impressive to me. Not only that, the new iMac only weighs around 10lbs!

I don’t care so much about the colors, but it’s nice that Apple went back to their iMac roots and are now offering these new iMacs in colors again.

Other notable features include the new M1 chip, built-in 6-speaker sound system, new 1080p HD FaceTime HD Camera, new studio-quality mics, 24-inch 4.5K Retina Display, new keyboard with Touch ID as well as new matching accessories, and a new power connector/power supply with built-in Ethernet Port.

The new iMac starts at 1299.

Learn more about the new iMac here on Apple’s official site.

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