World-Splitter Out Now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC | Trailer

Bumble3ee Interactive and developer NeoBird today announced the release of their new twin-stick puzzle platformer, World-Splitter. World-Splitter is a unique puzzle game where the player can literally walk between worlds in search of cute, cuddly creatures you must save.

World-Splitter includes plenty of brain-twisting content for puzzle enthusiasts, including a roughly 10-hour single-player campaign with 60 different mind-boggling stages, 10 local two player co-op missions for pairs, settings for restricted win conditions, a medal system, time-based challenges for speedrunners, and more.

Players must use a twin-stick control scheme to smartly position and rotate dimensions while figuring out a route to each stage’s exit. As they progress from one level to the next, they must use interactive objects like levers, mechanical platforms, portals, and gravity fields to save as many critters as they can while avoiding enemies.

World-Splitter is out now for $19.99 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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