World-Splitter is a Reality Bending Puzzler for Nintendo Switch | Review


World Splitter is unlike anything you’ve ever played before. While the idea of traversing different planes of existence isn’t anything new, the means by which you do it in this game is. Published by Bumble3ee Interactive and developed by NeoBird, World Splitter is a twin-stick puzzle platformer where players must navigate between different parallel worlds in order to save the critters who have escaped your ship. With the help of a special device, you can literally view any part of both worlds on any part of the level at once and traverse easily between them, creating new and fantastic ways to get to where you need to go.

For the most part, World-Splitter does play like a traditional platformer. You control a little space guy and must help him navigate alien worlds as he searches for and rescues those cuddly little space creatures. The left stock let’s you move your character left and right and you can jump slightly with a quick tap of a button. What makes the game different is that with the right control stick, you can move around a device that splits the level up into different worlds. You have the ability to jump between both worlds instantly, meaning you really need to think outside of the box in order to navigate each level. There’s tons of little tricks you wouldn’t even think about, like using the ground that forms between worlds as an elevator, or using water in another world as a trap.

I’ve been playing the game for about a week now and the levels themselves are pretty challenging. Usually, I have to play some of the levels multiple times in order to figure out exactly what to do and collect all the creatures. You also have the option of trying to complete each level quickly for speed runs, but I’m not about that. It’s already difficult enough just trying to finish each level without trying to do them quickly.

Speaking of which, the difficulty in World-Splitter does ramp up pretty quickly so it’s best to figure out the mechanics early on. Not only that, as you progress, new mechanics show up such as multiple worlds, portals, and even gravity reversal. This makes an already complicated game, even more so if you don’t learn the mechanics quickly.

Lastly, World-Splitter has a local multiplayer mode where you and a friend can play on-screen at the same time to solve puzzles together.

So is World-Splitter worth a purchase? I would say so. World-Splitter is a very unique game that is quite challenging and makes you think outside the box. It’s one of those games that leaves an impression on you because of just how game changing the mechanics are. It brings something new to the platforming genre and really does a great job of standing out. With that said, definitely go and check World-Splitter out. You won’t be disappointed.

World-Splitter is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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