Best Shows For Kids on Disney Plus

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It’s barely three years since Disney Plus launched and millions of kids and adults have fallen in love with their variety of shows. With its numerous TV shows, movies, and fresh releases, everyone in the family gets something to indulge in.

The kids are the happiest because they can get glued to the screen 24/7 and watch their old shows and enjoy many new ones as they get released. We spend time watching them too so that we advise you on the best shows.

The Book of Pooh

You probably remember the old show of Winnie the Pooh and his great friends who were unique yet compatible with each other as they happily lived in the 100-acre land. This version will not only remind you of the good old days but will also be a favorite for your kid.

The show has no ugly and scary graphics or adult language. Your kid can follow the 25-minute episodes keenly as Pooh and his team roam about the woods and probably sing along the sweet songs by Rabbit, Eeyore, Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet. Your kid will have a chance to learn letters and numbers from an early age. There is a cool Disney plus download option for your kid’s favorite shows which they will love to watch any time of the day.

Forky Asks a Question

You love those endless questions kids ask like why can’t the moon come during the day and the sun at night for once or do the cows produce yogurt. You may enjoy answering them but sometimes you get busy or tired and wish the question time got postponed.

Forky is very good at asking questions and giving relevant answers fast. It’s like he knows every answer to questions like ‘what is money. Just let the kids sit and listen to the questions and answers and if you sit with the kids, you might learn something new too.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey is generous and loves kids visiting his clubhouse. If they cannot come, he goes out of the way and invites them. True to his word, Mickey has every adventurous learning skill and engages his guests in interactive learning. Preschoolers particularly love this show. Each of the 5 Mickey Mouse seasons has several lesson-packed episodes that your kids of any age will love.

Star Wars Resistance

This show was recently added on Disney+ and it will better fit older kids. The story is about Kazzuda Xiono who works for the resistance. He is secretly sent on a mission to uncover the operations of the First Order who have become a great threat to the galaxy. This animation differs from Clone Wars and Rebels in that it’s a more modern series.

Doc McStuffins

It is important to let your kids work out their imagination and do the impossible. At least every child has once or more times declared they want to be a doctor when they grow up. Probably it’s because they began seeing doctors from the hour they were born.

Doc McStuffins diagnosis almost every illness and prescribes therapy, bandages wounds, and advises on anything that helps with quick healing. This is a good show for your kids below 10 years and don’t get surprised if you hear the number of aspiring doctors grow after the show.


Doug is a good kid but he is full of anxiety and often finds himself daydreaming. He secretly admires his classmate Patty but he has a bully Roger, whom he has to avoid at all costs. Doug frequently runs into fantasy thinking about his friend Skeeter and envisions that one day they will become popstars. In the end, Doug has learned his lesson that his fears and hopes were exaggerated and comes to the reality of life. The show can help kids grow away from anxiety.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Neverland might remind you of the old-time show Peter Pan. Jake and the Neverland Pirates have a lot of connection with the old-time show but this time, Jake is the star and he has wonderful assistants Izzy and Cubby.

The show is fit for all kids and you will likely fit in perfectly if you choose to join your kids and enjoy the show. Your kids will learn the bad side of stealing and telling lies. It will help them to be true to themselves and others.

Kim Possible

Kim’s possible is a kid’s show about a teenage boy who fights criminals and at the same time deals with many issues happening around the world, and handles school and family issues. The show is action-packed, but still has a humorous tone and all kids will love the show.


Disney plus channel has entertaining shows for every kid in the family and each show has several lessons kids can learn. It is not surprising to see adults glued to the channel because the shows are all good. The parent can choose the shows fit for their kid’s age and help them learn the lesson in the show.

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